April 25, 2017

The First Annual "Source Awards" (April 25, 1994)

The First Annual Source Awards (April 25, 1994)

The 1st annual Source Awards were held on this day in 1994 at the Paramount Theater in NYC. Perhaps the most memorable moment in its first year was 2Pac and his Thug Life crew busting on stage to perform 'Out on Bail' while blatantly interrupting A Tribe Called Quest's acceptance speech for Artist of the Year (Group). It's been said that it was all a misunderstanding, but had it been televised, I imagine it would have caused even more ruckus. Matter of fact, had it been televised, perhaps Sticky Fingaz wouldn't have (allegedly, even though it's on Youtube) shot several rounds into the ceiling during Onyx's performance of 'Throw Ya Gunz.' In 1995, the Source Awards were televised and of course, it captured the classic Suge Knight moment dissing Puffy and Snoop exciting the crowd asking “The East Coast ain’t got no love for Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg?” I'm still wondering how Biggie won Lyricist of the Year over Nas in 1995, but I digress. Here is the list of winners in 1994: 

A Tribe Called Quest (Artist of the Year: Group) | Dr. Dre (Artist of the Year: Solo) | Wu-Tang Clan (New Artist of the Year (Group) | Snoop Doggy Dogg (New Artist of the Year (Solo) | Snoop Doggy Dogg (Lyricist of the Year) | Dr. Dre 'The Chronic' (Album of the Year) | Ice Cube 'Check Yo Self' (Video of the Year) | KRS-One (Live Performance of the Year) | Buju Banton (Dancehall Artist of the Year) | Wu-Tang Clan ‘Method Man’ (Single of the Year)  | Menace II Society (Motion Picture Soundtrack of the Year)  | MC Eiht in Menace II Society (Acting Performance of the Year)  | Mary J. Blige (R&B Artist of the Year)  | Dr. Dre (Producer of the Year)

'See, tonight, is the night, of all nights!' - 'Ol Dirty Bastard