April 18, 2017

Jay-Z "S. Carter Collection" Mixtape (4/18/03)

Jay-Z 'S. Carter Collection' Mixtape (4/18/03)
Jay-Z S. Carter May 31, 2003 Billboard magazine Hip Hop Nostalgia
Jay-Z S. Carter May 31, 2003 Billboard magazine Hip Hop Nostalgia
Jay-Z S. Carter  Hip Hop Nostalgia

The S. Carter Collection was Jay-Z’s first official mixtape, released on this date in April of 2003 in conjunction with his signature Reebok S. Carter sneaker collection. The free mixtape came packaged with the sneaker and included the classic 'Young Black & Gifted Freestyle,' then some of Jay's best bars over Joe Budden's 'Pump It Up' track; before going half on a boat with Puff on ‘Flava In Ya Ear,’ and several other remixes, freestyles, and skits. In November of ’03, Jay-Z dropped what was supposed to be his final release, ‘The Black Album,’ so this mixtape also served as a bridge to that release and captured industry-wide attention. Today, The S. Carter Collection is considered one of the greatest artist mixtapes ever released. After all, it's Hov! The articles above in Billboard & Vibe Magazine stress the importance of these collaborations/business ventures, Hip-Hop's impact on marketing and what Steve Stoute would call the 'Tanning of America.' In the end, I forget the sneakers but I remember the bars: "Who’s the nicest life or lifeless on these mic devices / and I don't write this / I just mic this / I will it to happen / One take Hov I’m real at this rapping." Hov definitely remembers the checks. You can stream Jay-Z's S. Carter Collection mixtape below...