April 20, 2017

Prince Paul "Dew Doo Man" Toilet Tissue (Promo, 1991)

Prince Paul
Prince Paul 'Dew Doo Man' Toilet Tissue (Promo) Hip-Hop Nostalgia

'To hell with Charmin. Prince Paul and his crew from Dew Doo Man Records got the fly shit. A genuine roll of soft, absorbent toilet tissue -- a promotional item with a valuable purpose. Join the mission to clean up all the bullshit tracks in hip-hop land.' You may have spotted a mention of the infamous 'Dew Doo Man Toilet Tissue' in Ego Trip's 'Book of Rap Lists,' under 'Unforgettable Record Company Promo Items.' Prince Paul made the list in wondrous fashion! After the major success he'd had in the late 80s into the 90s, Prince Paul was given his own imprint through Rush Associated Labels in 1991; he named it Dew Doo Man Records, lol. The first and only releases were a couple singles from Resident Aliens in anticipation of a full-length, but Russell - not anticipating sales - shut it down in its first year. The unreleased album, 'It Takes A Nation of Suckers To Let Us In,' was later released online, as well as some related demos, but the toilet tissue promo is easily the funniest thing to come from the label. There will only be one Prince Paul, ladies and gentlemen!