April 05, 2017

The Combat Jack Show "Brother Ali Episode"

Brother Ali Rhymesayers Autographed Photo

I'm very excited to see that the Combat Jack Show's latest guest is Brother Ali. I've followed Brother Ali since the early days of his career, and have celebrated the growth in his music, as well as the message and positive vibrations he puts out into the world. While we've never met, we have spoken on the phone for an interview and he's been a genuine supporter of all the artists I've managed over the years. I've always considered that a sign that my decisions on whom to work with were aligned with good values since our relationships would intersect so often. With all that said, I have every confidence we're about to enjoy another terrific interview with Combat Jack, who shares that: "On this episode we bring to you another check mark from our "to get" list. All the way from the mid-west, this Minnesota native shares his story from being in the rap game for 17 plus years, his Muslim faith, Trump era politics, his plans for the future and much more. This is one of those classic discussions that you love to hear. We present to you Brother Ali." Listen to it below...