May 31, 2019

Bozack Morris & J. Scienide "Popular Mechanics" (Album Stream)

"Popular Mechanics" is the collaborative album from Canadian producer Bozack Morris and Charlotte-born lyricist, J Scienide. J Scienide's 2017 release, The Actual Heat, was a slow-burn classic as he continued to diligently promote the project well after its original release date. That hustle gave fans in the know something to push and new listeners something exciting to discover, which is what the independent, underground scene was built on - digging and discovering emerging talent! Suffice to say, I'm excited about this release, as well, dig in below, and keep an eye out for J. Scienide's upcoming work with Kev Brown! The album is available digitally and on LP ... go cop it!

May 30, 2019

Big L "Still Flamboyant" (Mixed by DJ KOZI)

Here's a dope mini-mix in tribute of Big L by DJ Kozi and presented by FreshNewsBySteph several years back. In memory of Lamont Coleman, who only released a small sample-size of music, but it was extremely clear that he was one of the nicest MCs to ever touch a mic, and his life was cut entirely too short! This short mix gives us a taste of some of his great verses, so we can continue to celebrate his life and his music. Especially today, on his born day. May he Rest in eternal Peace. I don't think that the link below is official, but it's the only one I could find online... put an L up!

May 29, 2019

Wordsworth & Pearl Gates "Champion Sounds" (Album Stream)

Wordsworth and Pearl Gates navigate through tragedy and triumph with musical moxie on Champion Sound. Having previously collaborated on various projects (Wordsworth solo albums, eMC), this effort allows their familiarity to sonically take shape in ways, both complimentary and dynamic. This thirteen song, Quincy Tones-produced ensemble evokes the spirit of quintessential east coast hip-hop while elaborating stylistically beyond its boundaries. Quincy Tones, born and raised in West London, has produced for Royce Da 5’9 (Dinner Time), Jay Electronica and Diddy (Ghost of Christopher Wallace), Fashawn (Man of the House), and eMC (Winds of Change). Quincy Tones describes his sound as melodic, soulful, and emotional. Champion Sound is an honest journey into the human experience; traveling through captivating melodies, stellar drum loops and witty lyricism at the speed of life. Guest features include the legendary Kool G. Rap, Talib Kweli, Rasheed Chappell, and eMC affiliate Masta Ace. As Wordsworth says on the album titled track Champion Sound, “Title Contenders and Rivals surrender’”. Listen to Words and Pearl Gates' Champion Sounds below...

May 28, 2019

DJ S&S "It's Not A Game" (Mixtape, 1998)

Taking it back to 1998, this is DJ S&S's Tape Kingz release of It's Not A Game mix tape. The tape features tracks from DMX, Master P, Nas & Foxy Brown, Mic Geronimo, The Firm, DMX, Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes, Mase, Mary J. Blige, LL Cool J, Noreaga, Naughty By Nature, Puff Daddy, O.C., LL Cool J, EPMD, Faith and more. The freestyles from Nas, Foxy Brown, DMX and Ja Rule are solid, too. DJ S&S liked to hype up his mixes, so get used to his voice, but still lots of joints on here. Dig in...

May 27, 2019

Abstract Orchestra "Madvillain Vol.2" (Album Stream)

Madvillain Vol.2 is the second part of the eagerly anticipated new LP from Abstract Orchestra. Madvillain Vol.2 takes the blueprint laid out on their debut LP “Dilla” and applies it to the work of producer Madlib and MF Doom’s Madvillain project. Led by Saxophonist Rob Mitchell, Abstract Orchestra have been a consistent presence on the UK music scene, steadily building a loyal and supportive fanbase. Inspired by the legendary live performances of The Roots with Jay-Z and the 40 piece orchestral arrangements by Miguel-Atwood Ferguson of the work of J Dilla, classic arranging techniques underpin modern loop-based structures, breathing new life into familiar material. The band itself is based on the classic jazz big band instrumentation of saxes, trumpets and trombones. Madvillain Vol.2 was recorded live in it’s entirety at ATA’s own vintage analogue studio in Leeds. All tracks were recorded in one take with little to no overdubs and no editing, quantizing or other such studio trickery. Listen to Abstract Orchestra's excellent project below...

May 27, 2019

Arsenio Hall Show "All-Star Cipher" (Video, 1994)

Twenty-five years ago this month, The Arsenio Hall Show dimmed the lights on a massive television platform, especially for Hip-Hop. Since early 1989, the actor/comedian/host planted his flag with a new kind of late-night talk-show with a penchant for the issues, people, and culture that inspired him. From M.C. Hammer to 3rd Bass, Wu-Tang Clan to Snoop Dogg, Rap music was front and center... In 1994, the final episode aired just as summer began. At the close of the show, a cast of MCs came together to give Arsenio a loving and thankful sendoff. Yo-Yo, MC Lyte, Treach, Phife Dawg, Q-Tip, Fu-Schnickens, C.L. Smooth, Guru, Das EFX, Wu-Tang Clan, KRS-One, and Mad Lion rocked while Pete Rock played a funky concoction of Bob James’ “Nautilus.” After his rhyme, Kris proclaimed, “If it wasn’t for Arsenio, you wouldn’t see no Rap on TV,” after a verse that said in the wake of the cancellation, he would not be tuning in to David Letterman’s program. Other MCs wove Hall into their verses, with Lyte tracing his story back to Cleveland. In his rhyme, Phife cursed in anger that the show was leaving. Click HERE for the full story behind the all-star cipher that ended the Arsenio Hall Show, via Jake Paine at AFH. This is a classic video that will live on forever...

May 26, 2019

Eminem "The Eminem Show" (Vibe Magazine, 2002)

Eminem is a controversy magnet. In the past, his raps have included violent fantasies of killing his wife (they've since split up) and not-very-flattering portraits of his mother (who responded with a multimillion-dollar libel suit). Marshall Mather's real-life antics have earned him further legal problems, including gun and assault charges. None of these are topics he shies away from on his third-album, The Eminem Show, as he continues to obsess about his personal life and the public's reaction to him. There is something thrilling about the way he digs into his wounds; it's the aural equivalent of an episode of Cops. In other words, The Eminem Show is a brilliant piece of theater and a guilty pleasure. Eminem knows his every phrase will be scrutinized, yet he doesn't seem to care... His guerrilla approach to reality means he never holds onto any one position long enough to have to defend it. That's easier said than done; Eminem's ability to hop-scotch back and forth over the line between earnestness and sarcasm borders on genius... Lyrically, the album is exceptional on the whole, but there are momentary lapses... Like a man looking into a mirror while the world stares at him, Eminem uses his new album to strip himself naked and dissect his private life. Rhyming with electrifying rapidity, and thinking even faster, he has an unerring instinct for heading straight for our taboos. For some rappers, the boundary between life and art is very thin. For Eminem, it's the perfect place to pitch his tent and perform. - Vibe Magazine, 2002. The Eminem Show (5/26/02)

May 25, 2019

J. Cole & 9th Wonder "Wonders Of A Cole World" (Blend Tape)

DJ Tiger and Altered Crates present this solid J.Cole and 9th Wonder Mash-up project. Blending acapellas of J. Cole's vocals over gems from legendary producer 9th Wonder, DJ Tiger brings the North Carolina connection full circle with Wonders of a Cole World. The unofficial project also features vocals from Joey Bada$$, Kendrick Lamar, Rapsody, Talib Kweli, Jay Electronica and Mos Def. Props to John Breiner on the dope art for the project. Enjoy Wonders Of A Cole World below...

May 24, 2019

DJ Clue "Holiday Holdup" (Mixtape, 1996)

DJ Clue released his Holiday Holdup mixtape in 1996. The tape kicks off with an exclusive freestyle from Nature of The Firm, and goes into tracks with Nas, The Firm, Puff Daddy, Ghostface Killah, Lost Boyz, Tragedy Khadafi, Redman, Mobb Deep & Raekwon, Keith Murray, Lil' Kim, Foxy Brown, Allure, Faith Evans, Total, A Tribe Called Quest, New Edition, Jay-Z, Big Noyd, Jaz, The LOX, McGruff, and more. Lots of smooth tracks on this one, sit back and dig into DJ Clue's Holiday Holdup '96 below...

May 23, 2019

P-Nice & DJ Precise "It's All About Tha Benjamin$" (Mixtape, 1997)

This is P-Nice and DJ Precise's It's All About Tha Benjamin$ mix tape from 1997. The tape kicks off with a freestyle from Mase, Biggie and The Lox, then goes into tracks with B.I.G., KRS-One, Buckshot, Capone-N-Noreaga, Snoop Dogg, The LOX, Lil' Kim, Rampage, Royal Flush, Foxy Brown, Mobb Deep, Redman, Puff Daddy, Sauce Money, The Firm, Genovesee, Tracey Lee and some original blends with Missy, Allure, Yvette Michelle, Cormega and more! A nice well-rounded mix from 1997...

May 22, 2019

14KT "For My Sanity" (Album Stream)

Following up 'The Power of Same', the first single off 14KT's new project, featuring Muhsinah, and remixed by Kaidi Tatham, 'For My Sanity' is a "freedom project", an album rooted in free creation, without being tied down by bars, patterns, scenes, and sequences. The intention behind this long-player is clearly stated all throughout the 12 tracks: releasing the angst of the current climate we are facing through collective artistic means. "I made all the music really late at night after my day-to-day work, as an escape from "what I normally do". Paired with the everyday struggles of being an artist, it was very stressful hearing about so many deaths––especially due to law enforcement. Making "For My Sanity" was how I was trying to find peace of mind every night so I could go to sleep," says 14KT. The themes of the album sway gracefully from personal philosophies and creeds, to burning social matters and celebration of the importance of family and genuine, fruitful friendships. If we were to classify this in a genre, we would say For My Sanity is a jazz record, at its core, but elements of hip hop, soul, r'n'b and latin music are easily recognizable and at home on the album. 'For My Sanity' features an array of fellow visionaries - Jimetta Rose, Stro Elliot, Rasheeda Ali, Farnell Newton, Kris Johnson, Magestik Legend and more –– who help deliver the message and further relay the essence of what the album stands for. IAMABEENIE is a name that denotes a series of jazz-Influenced albums 14KT is currently working on. Enjoy the album below...

May 21, 2019

Noveliss "Metal Face Hokage" (EP Stream)

"Metal Face Hokage" is the latest offering from Noveliss of Clear Soul Forces. The 8 track offering features production from Def Dee out of Seattle, who was - and may still be - down with the Mello Music Group family. The Detroit spitter adds, "When I was on tour I met Def Dee in Seattle. He ended up coming back to Detroit at the end of the tour and we kicked it and decided to do a project together. MF DOOM is my favorite rapper so this is my DOOM inspired project." Listen...

May 20, 2019

Recognize Ali "Into My Soul" (Album Stream)

Recognize Ali is back with his second album this year, Into My Soul. The 10-track release is likely my favorite in his catalog thus far. The soulful production is handled by Tone Spliff, JuneLyfe, Free Mind, Deff Tone, Vago, and Alberto. Into My Soul also features Verbal Kent and the good homie J. Scienide. There's more reflection in the content, which compliments the melodic production. Listen below...

May 19, 2019

Ghostface & Cappadonna Interview (Elements, Winter 1996)

Happy Born Day to the wallabee champ; the wizard of poetry: Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah. Taking it back to the winter of '96, an interview in Elements you may not have read before with Ghostface Killah and Cappadonna. Kicking the interview off, we learn that the Wu-Tang swordsman didn't vote for Bill Clinton, Bob Dole or Ross Perot in '96 - nah - he voted for the Wu! "cause I know that's the people that really really really gonna do the right thing." Also a nice shout-out for the RZA, "He's a genius! A psychiatrist. An underground dweller. He stay underground kid. Word up. Nothin' but bomb shelters. He's all in there like that just constantly doin' his shit, work or whatever." That's about all when it comes to insight, outside of "I gotta take a piss kid," that's groundbreaking stuff right there lol. Also includes a small interview with Cappadonna, info about the (bootleg) 12" "Drastic Measures," which some of you might remember and his debut album that didn't come until '98. As a bonus, one of my FAVORITE Ghostface Killah interviews, from Montreality, check it out... Ghostface drops some spiritual gems that show his growth since '96 (especially in interviews.)

May 18, 2019

EL Maryacho "That's Soul" (Beat Tape)

Swiss producer EL Maryacho releases a new beat tapes entitled That's Soul. As you'd expect, the 9 instrumentals featured on the project boast warm, soulful production and hard drums where applied. I dig the Polo-inspired artwork, and I am definitely keeping an eye out for EL Maryacho's production, already having produced for numerous underground artists I support. Listen to "That's Soul" below, and hopefully he makes a series out of these beat tapes. Got more info? Lemme know.

May 17, 2019

Da iLLAZ "People Under Detroit" (Album Stream)

Da iLLAZ hail from the south-side of Colorado Springs. The two-man group consists of L.A.Z. (MC, Clear Soul Forces) and illadope (producer/DJ). This project is an homage to People Under The Stairs, of which illadope is a huge fan. illadope states that he'd been listening to the group half of his life and purchased a vinyl box set in 2013, which included some unreleased beats and music, which inspired the project. In 2015, Thes announced his retirement and Da iLLAZ saw this an opportunity to give People Under The Stairs their flowers while they could smell them. illadope also adds, "To the casual listener out there reading this, familiarize yourself not only with Da ilLaz but also with People Under the Stairs. If you're feeling any of this check their site out and cop some merch!" Much respect to Thes One and Double K. Check out Da iLLAZ's People Under Detroit below...

May 16, 2019

Thorough "Cassette Tape Malfunction" (EP Stream)

The Jamaica, Queens eMCee Thorough and producer CrazyBeatsP are back with their new EP, "Cassette Tape Malfunction." Along with the lead single, "Distortion," the project features a total of 9 hard tracks to dig through and like Thorough says, "Me and P make music one way: aggressively." If you came up in the 80s, you remember the cassette tape days, don't let that sh!t pop! Dope artwork, too. Listen to "Cassette Tape Malfunction" below and hit the archives for more releases.

May 15, 2019

Sauce Money "Next" Feature in Vibe Magazine (March, 1999)

"Anything worth having," says Sauce Money ... "is worth working towards." Todd "Sauce Money" Gaither, a product of Brooklyn's infamous Marcy Projects knows of what he speaks. Best known for penning Puff Daddy's mega-selling 1997 B.I.G. tribute, "I'll Be Missing You", Sauce spent the better part of this decade serving hard time in hip-hop's underground scene. He did everything from ghostwriting for Shaq to rhyming on the virtually forgotten Big Daddy Kane posse cut "Show & Prove" from Daddy's Home (MCA, 1994), all while he maintained a full-time job - until misfortune struck. "Them bastards fired me," says Sauce, as exasperated as if it happened last week instead of nearly two years ago. "I was like, How dare you? I worked in the fuckin' mail room at this bank for five years, and it was pure hell. And then I got the boot!" But two days later, thanks to a stellar appearance on DJ Clue's '96 Show Me The Money mix tape ("You must be Chinese / The way you try to duck Sauce"), Money scored a recording contract with Geffen (around the same time he had written "I'll Be Missing You"). After the 1998 joint venture with MCA and Geffen hip hop acts, he became an MCA artist. In creating his debut, Middle Finger U (from the title cut: "If you interfere with how I'm trying to get this paper -- fuck you!), due in late March, Sauce applied the same drive he had playing sports for Allen University in Columbia, S.C. "I got a scholarship to play baseball and basketball, and I was real good," he says with a smile. "That's what happened with rap. Once you find something that you're good at, there's nothing like it -- especially if you can make money doing it." Now that things are really going his way, don't expect Sauce to rest until he reaches the top. "I'm up 5:30 every morning," he says. "While n!@@as is sleepin', I've already written three or four songs. God blesses me, and I'm gonna keep workin'." It seems a hit maker's job is never done. - Vibe (3/99)

May 14, 2019

Blu & Exile "True & Livin" (EP Stream)

After 2017’s 10 year anniversary tour of Below The Heavens and a b-sides/rarities release in In The Beginning many wondered whether or not Blu & Exile would ever reunite for a proper new release or if that year was as much a curtain call as it was a celebration. Putting those questions to rest, Dirty Science Records is proud to announce the True & Livin EP – as Blu & Exile’s undeniable chemistry is yet again put on display. “True and Livin feels like a spiritual call to all that have honor and truth in their being. It sees how present day and beyond is always trying to calculate or monetize what comes from God or what comes from an artist’s spirit, but it also recognizes the truth that is inside of Blu and Exile's music and brags about it, even in a humble way somehow. This might be the first hip hop braggadocio song that invites us all to feel the same about themselves as long as they connect to the spirit and truth that is inside this song and inside us all.” Exile says about the EP’s title track. Positivity and strength remain a theme on this EP, in Spread Sunshine and the stand out posse cut featuring most of the Dirty Science crew in Choosey, Johaz, Cashus King, Aloe Blacc, Fashawn & Blame One on Power To The People. Blu adds, “"Power To The People” is a call to the people, a call for the people to unite. Unification is power, power in numbers.” The title track is incredible, so order the EP over HERE via Fat Beats and listen below...

May 13, 2019

Pusha T "Exodus 23:1" / "Happy Born Day"

“You shall not circulate a false report. Do not put your hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness," says Exodus 23:1 in the New King James Version. On Pusha's T born day today, I'm looking back at one of the most incredible diss tracks ever released, and no, it's not "Story of Adidon." On "Exodus 23:1" - which currently stands near 2M plays on the original Soundcloud link - Push says, "Contract all f#cked up, I guess that means you all f#cked up / You signed to one n!@@a that signed to another n!@@a / That's signed to three n!@@as, now that's bad luck..." If there's a tutorial on how to take shots without saying names, this is it ... Drake felt that shot across the bow. At the time, Lil' Wayne took no time in taking to Twitter to tweet out, "Fuk Pusha T and anybody that love em." With the gritty track, which parallels The Notorious B.I.G.'s "What's Beef," Push continues, "Beef will have you keying our cars / Heartbroke, yours don't look like ours..." The video - directed by Samuel Rogers - is the perfect complement to the already gritty, aggressive track. When the beef bubbled back up between Push and Drake last year, I was quick to say Drake might have the upper-hand using his celebrity, but he don't want it with Push. This track is the reason for me saying that. What we've learned since is that you can lose a battle and still sit atop the industry, but certainly Push further cemented his legacy with the victory. Leave Pusha T alone... and, HBD!

May 12, 2019

DJ C.S.P. "Still A Fan" (Instrumental Album)

DJ C.S.P. is a DJ and producer from Hamburg, Germany. His latest instrumental project, "Still A Fan," may have flown below the radar for some readers, but I'm definitely hoping to put you up game.... What we have here is 10 really solid boombap instrumentals, from a true fan of hip-hop. In his own words, he dedicates this record "to all the hip hop fans worldwide," and "without the DJ, hip-hop wouldn't be here!" Facts. If you've been following the breadcrumbs from past posts, you should be familiar with DJ C.S.P. from his sharp cuts on projects with KLIM Beats. You can stream the instrumental album below and definitely click through if you're interested in ordering it on vinyl, too.

May 11, 2019

Diamond D "The Diam Peace 2" (Album Stream)

Diamond D is a legendary producer and a part of the crew, Diggin In The Crates (D.I.T.C.) that includes members: Diamond D, Big L, Fat Joe, Lord Finesse, O.C., Buckwild, Showbiz & A.G.. Keeping with his legendary status, Diamond D enlist an all-star cast for The Diam Piece 2, the follow up to part one. The LP features appearances from Fat Joe, Snoop Dogg, Elzhi, Raekwon, Styles P, Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch, Erick Sermon, Boot Camp Clik, O.C., Havoc, Xzibit, and more! Listen below...

May 10, 2019

Teo Frank "Underdogs" (Hip-Hop Documentary)

Téo Frank was just 18 and an aspiring director when he decided to try his luck at filmmaking on the other side of the Atlantic. After a series of encounters and experiences, his trip took a turn when he crossed paths with photographer Mason Strehl in Alaska. Their encounter took him to New York where he got the chance to work with underground Hip Hop artists Awon, Phoniks, Tiff the Gift, and Dephlow of Don't Sleep Records. From this adventure a documentary was born called UNDERDOGS. Who are the rappers in this film? Téo didn't know them when he began, and never dreamed their encounter would change his life the way it did. This is an inspiring documentary, now available to stream on Netflix! In the meantime, check out the trailer below and much love to everyone at Don't Sleep Records! You'll want to hit the archives for all of their great music, too! Update (2021): unfortunately the link to the documentary's trailer has been removed (I don't know why), so I added a behind the scenes video instead. I still highly recommend that you check this out!

May 09, 2019

DJ S&S "F#ck Everybody" (Mixtape, 1997)

Takin' it back to 1997, this is DJ S&S's F#ck Everybody mix tape via Tape Kingz. Me and my boy were talking earlier about Ron G and Dirty Harry, a few other mixtape DJs, then we both agreed that DJ S&S had some classic tapes back in the mid-90s. This one is sure to dig up some old memories for you, as well, as it features tracks from The Notorious B.I.G., Tracey Lee, Rampage, Mobb Deep, Heavy D, Mary J. Blige, Big Pun, KRS-One, Royal Flush, Money Boss Players, 2Pac and more. This tape was heavy on Biggie tracks, and you can imagine why at the time. Classic shit, dig into it below...

May 08, 2019

GZA / Genius In Elements Magazine (Winter, 1995)

For today's celebration of #WuWednesdays, enter the Genius in the winter of '95; the final solo release, "Liquid Swords," in what was known as "The Year of the Wu"! Taken from Elements Magazine, a mid-90s magazine dedicated to hip-hop culture, published by the Student Radio Society of U of BC along with Discorder. Held down by Jay Swing & DJ Flipout, the magazine made its debut in May 1995 and was published bi-monthly until August 1996 for a total of 8 issues. Here is DJ Flipout's introduction to the article: "The Wu is the way, the Tang is the slang, and the Clan is the family. A family that will weather the storms and tribulations of inflated egos and the devious ways of success and fame. Not by using a secret technique, as in their style, but in using a well known facet of maintaining unity within a group of individuals; through the maintenance of respect and love for one another. Be alert and keep a vigilant eye open for the swinging Liquid Swords. Prepare to enter another dimension of the deadly sharp lyrical swords, this time in liquid form; to flow and maintain continuity flawlessly, while possessing the strength and power of ocean currents. But beware of the liquid swords as they can also be applied in solid or gaseous form while bearing the same potential lethality that has dissolved other inferior organisms in the past." Continue reading below for the full article with lyric breakdowns and jewels from the Genius like, "I'm sayin' ... any type of information that's beneficial, that's what I mean by knowledge of self. You see, knowledge means to know. Knowledge is also experience. And knowledge of self is to know yourself. You got to examine things for what they are, not for what they present themselves to be." - Elements (Nov-Dec, 1995)

May 07, 2019

Waterr & Ty Farris "Bulls vs. Pistons" (Album Stream)

Detroit native, Ty Farris, has come together with Chicago native, WateRR, to bring music enthusiasts some excitement and lyrical highlights via their audio athleticism. It has been some time in the making, and now the 'Bulls vs Pistons' EP is upon us. The 10-track album features Guilty Simpson, and production from Trox, DirtyDiggs, Rashid Hadee, iLL Brown, The Standouts, and more.

May 06, 2019

Jazzquarterz "Wayz Of Da Underground" (Instrumental Album)

"Wayz Of The Underground" is the brand new instrumental album from Swiss producer Jazzquarterz. Released on German record label Postpartum Records, the new LP features 13 instrumentals infused with his signature jazzy-hip hop style of production. Jazzquarterz didn't include a blurb along with the album's release, just a handful of shoutouts, including: Damu The Fudgemunk, Tru Comers, Bubblewild, Figub Brazievic, Klaus Layer, Devaloop and other talents you can find in the archives on this site. This has been the sound coming out of the underground, are you listening? Overseas labels are making a killing on the vinyl and/or cassettes + streams, dig in...

May 05, 2019

Jodeci ft. Raekwon & Ghostface "Freek’n You Remix" (5/5/96)

The remix to Jodeci's "Freek’n You" with Raekwon & Ghostface is one of a few records that still reminds of when I didn't have the internet, lol. I bought the Jodeci LP, the song isn't on there - then I bought the 12" single, which had Raekwon's verse, but no Ghostface. Ok, technically I borrowed stole that 12" from St. John's University Radio, but that's not the point! Ultimately, I was able to find a bootleg copy, which I am pretty sure was this version - their names weren't credited anywhere on the record, but it was the right version - the "Mr. Dalvin’s Freek Mix." Jodeci would return the favor to Raekwon soon after with his Rainy Dayz Remix, also produced by Mr. Dalvin. In the era of classic hip-hop remixes of R&B records, the Freek'n You Remix might be second only to Method Man's "All I Need." Classic bars include: "What's your name? Lex, last name Diamonds / Icy earrings shining / What's your occupation? Crazy rhyming..." and Ghost never fails to bring his own flavor with "You got the munchies, baby, ice cold milk and Lorna Doones / How you like it baby? I like it on the sink..." Below is a rare live performance of the song on this day in 1996. Video via Zeke62.

May 04, 2019

Book Of Rhymes Podcast: Smif-N-Wessun (Episode 2)

Book of Rhymes is a brand new podcast, hosted by Donwill of Tanya Morgan and executive produced by Classic Material and Mika. After a successful pilot episode with Black Moon, the Book of Rhymes podcast is back and keep it in the Duck Down family with "the POWER MASTERS aka da original gun clappers aka SMIF N WESSUN aka Tek & Steele. Listen as we take a deep dive into their classic album 'Dah Shinin', growing up in Brooklyn and their new project, 'The All' and so much more." 

May 03, 2019

DJ Stickem "May 3rd, 1994" (Mixtape, 1994)

Let's take it back to 1994, specifically May 3, 1994, on this throwback mix tape from DJ Stickem. Now reppin' San Diego, DJ Stickem dug back into a shoebox to pull out this tape, laced with tracks from Jeru The Damaja, Nas, Domino, Lords of the Underground, Ice Cube, Fat Joe, Casual, The Beatnuts, A Tribe Called Quest, Gang Starr, Tha Alkaholiks, Smif-N-Wessun, Co-Defendants, Black Moon, KMD, Ill Al Skratch, The Pharcyde, King Just, and lots more. It's 25 years later, enjoy these gems below...

May 02, 2019

Masta Ace "Shelf Life" (1992, Unreleased Album)

Bob has done it again! This time around, Chopped Herring Records has pressed the unreleased album from Masta Ace in 1992 to CD. They previously unearthed it under two separate vinyl releases titled "Shelf Life," Volumes 1 and 2. Masta Ace has successfully navigated generations of Hip-Hop, remaining true to his original sound but consistently growing and perfecting his craft. You'll certainly hear the growth when you look back at this release, but hopefully you can still appreciate that Ace was always a pioneer and even back then he was pushing the culture forward with his style. Unfortunately, being a vinyl-first label, there is no incentive to stream these releases in full, so until you go ahead and cop the CD, these snippets will have to hold you over. Check it below...

May 01, 2019

D'Angelo "Devil's Pie" (Documentary)

An intimate and revealing portrait of a legend-in-the-making, Devil’s Pie—D’Angelo buzzes with the soulful intensity of its subject, Grammy Award winning R&B artist D’Angelo. Never-before-seen live footage and painfully honest interviews combine to present this once larger-than-life superstar at his most vulnerable. The film traces the unexpected path of D’Angelo’s career and personal life, from his meteoric rise to his sudden disappearance and 14 year absence from the public eye. Following him as he mounts a wildly successful comeback tour, director Carine Bijlsma has crafted a remarkably energizing film, buoyed by an amazing soundtrack. With appearances from D’Angelo’s friends and collaborators including Questlove and Dave Chappelle, along with some eye-popping performance footage and revealing home video footage, Bijlsma gets to the heart of a sometimes enigmatic man. Sure to be heralded as a quintessential music documentary, the film finds D’Angelo at a crossroads, haunted by his past while marching defiantly into an uncertain future. - Tribeca Film.