April 17, 2017

Awon & Linkrust 'Moon Beams' (Album Stream)

Awon & Linktrust 'Moon Beams' (Album Stream)

'Moon Beams' is the lastest project by rapper Awon and French producer Linkrust that takes the listener on a "spaced-out afrofuturistic journey through the streets as they exist today, yesterday, and possibly the future." The music by Linkrust is obscure, raw, and gritty yet beautiful at times ... the accompanying lyrics of Awon only enhance the vibration. The album is available digitally, as well as on CD and LP featuring Awon's wife and MC, Tiff The Gift, also from Don't Sleep Records. If you're not caught up, go back and listen to Awon's releases with co-founder of Don't Sleep Records, Phoniks, as well as 'Matte Black Soul,' and 'Beautiful Loser.' Follow all of these breadcrumbs!