April 22, 2017

DJ Premier: Importance of Vinyl & Record Store Day (2009)

DJ Premier Art Illustration Hip-Hop Nostalgia

Happy Record Store Day! Conceived in 2007, we're now celebrating its 10th anniversary! There's a bunch of great exclusive releases this year; I personally recommend that Slick Rick 7", CD & Children's Book from Get On Down; I mentioned it HERE. Going back 8 years, I interviewed DJ Premier in the cramped back office of Fat Beats on Record Store Day, 2009. He'd just finished signing autographs and hyping for Talib Kweli, who also came through and kicked some freestyles; see that video HERE. I edited the original interview down from a wider discussion on music to focus in on DJ Premier's views on the importance of Vinyl in the culture; Record Store Day, and what stores like Fat Beats - as well as the opinion-leaders behind the scenes - mean to the community. I also kept (and poorly edited) Premo discussing how one of the 48 Laws of Power ("Reputation is the cornerstone of Power") explained his journey in music so well that he tattooed it on his arm. Excuse the video quality, I lost the OG files. Art by Kwills. Go buy something at your local spot!