April 04, 2017

Rah Digga 'Dirty Harriet' (Vibe Album Review, 2000)

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Rah Digga Dirty Harriet Vibe Magazine 2000

Digga Digga / First name Rashia / Rock the mic crazy! Rah Digga came with a dope debut on ‘Dirty Harriet' in 2000. Most known for her time with the Flipmode Squad, her career goes further back to the Outsidaz and a crew called Twice The Flavor. Her harsh tone and inflection, mixed with witty wordplay caught everyone’s attention, and to this day, you don’t wanna send shots in her direction. I had the honor of being a fly on the wall for a studio session back in 2009, when she was featured on my artist, Eternia’s joint ‘The BBQ’ (also featuring Lady of Rage). She wrote on the spot, edited her own pro-tools sessions and had her own cameraman in the spot; I liked her immediately! At the time, I believe she was studying video editing or directing and seemed real passionate about it. Soon after, she released her project with Nottz and has stayed consistent ever since. The version of the 12" I owned off the album had the DJ Premier-produced ‘Lessons of Today’ on the A-side, with the Pete Rock-produced ‘What They Call Me’ on Side B. It was a SureShot DJ Promo. Another 12” had ‘Lessons of Today,’ but the Rockwilder joint ‘Break Fool’ was on the A-Side. You can’t really miss with either 12” and that’s kinda how I feel about the entire album, which had additional production from Nottz, DJ Scratch, Mr. Walt, etc. 17yrs later, it’s still dope; she blazed a trail for lyrical hip-hop and only a few can stand with her. Read the full album review in Vibe up above...