April 08, 2017

Gang Starr "Love Sick" (Video, 1991)

Gang Starr Love Sick Step in The Arena Guru DJ Premier Hip-Hop Nostalgia

'Love Sick,' the third single from Gang Starr's sophomore album, 'Step In The Arena,' was released on this day in 1991. In an interview with HipHopDX back in 2011, DJ Premier had this to say about the song: 'They (Chrysalis) wanted that to be our first single. And we were like, “No, ‘Just To Get A Rep’ has to be the first single.” And they were like, “Well no, we thought y’all was gonna do this jazzy stuff.” They signed us thinking we were gonna do more stuff like “Jazz Thing.” They didn’t sign us to do what we were doing with “Just To Get A Rep.” They were very surprised. But we explained it to ‘em, that we’re a Hip Hop group, we’re more into hardcore, raw Hip Hop.' Premo also added that 'every video that he’s (Guru) done about a girl, he’d always have his girlfriend play the role in the video.' Reading further along in the interview, it's also noteworthy to read that DJ Premier's favorite Gang Starr album is 'Moment of Truth,' which I recently argued is the group's best album. Premo flipped The Delfonics & the Ohio Players on the production, and while 'Love Sick' isn't one of the most popular tracks in their catalog, I always dug its vibes. Watch the video below.