April 26, 2017

OutKast "Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik" (4/26/94)

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Outkast Big Boi Andre 3000 Bio/Press Kit 1994

Outkast's debut album, 'Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik,' was released on this day in 1994 through LaFace Records. The duo of Andre 3000 and Big Boi helped build the credibility of Southern artists as lyricists and unique creatives with their "splashes of funk, harmonic choruses, and thought-provoking rhymes." The lead single was 'Player's Ball,' a smash that was originally a Christmas record. In fact, they sent out postcards inviting listeners ("All the Players & Phatt Macks") to the "ball of all century, the Player's Ball on Christmas Day. Come stacked because it's gonna be phatt like that." L.A. Reid was behind that; he asked Outkast to record a track for a Christmas compilation, but when the record had hit potential, they released it as the lead single with minor changes to the beat and lyrics. Ironically, with all that said, I kinda dismissed the record because I didn't feel the chorus (at first), and it wasn't until May (after the album had dropped) that I heard the title-track, and off that, copped the album. Neither that or 'Git Up, Git Out' did nearly as well on radio, but I think the bulk of the investment in promo was done prior to the album's release, so that didn't really surprise me. As the group continued their rise in popularity and mainstream success, LaFace reissued the album in '98, giving it a second push, and by 2000 ('Stankonia'), I think it's safe to say the whole world celebrated Outkast's catalog as being some of the most forward-thinking and innovative hip-hop music of our generation. I can't say I was a "day one" fan, but they definitely won me over. "Cadillacs are coming! Are you ready to ride?" The 'Player's Ball' video and postcards are below.

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