August 20, 2022

Clipse "Lord Willin'" (August 20th, 2002)

Like the cosmic universe, the world of hip-hop is made up of planetary foundations represented by stylistically regional hip-hop genres -- East Coast, West Coast, the Mid-West, and the Dirty South. Every few years, however, like a lunar eclipse, a hip-hop act emerges to interrupt the shine of conventional hip-hop. This year Malice and Pusha T a.k.a. the Clipse have arrived to introduce the Virginia streets to the hip-hop universe. The past few years have been full of contribution for the quiet state of Virginia. Almost overnight, VA has become an innovative ground for hip-hop culture. While noteworthy talent such as Missy Elliot, Timbaland and Teddy Riley have proudly represented Virginia on the radio and in the clubs, the Clipse will bring the uncharted aspect of Virginia streets to the forefront with their Star Trak/Arista debut, Lord Willin'. The creation of the Clipse is the culmination of events that began in the late 1980s. Both Malice (Gene Thornton) and Pusha T (Terrence Thornton) were born in the heart of hip-hop's birthplace, the Bronx, New York; home to hip-hop giants like KRS-1, and the late Big Pun. Residing in the Gunhill Road section of the Bronx, a young Malice and Pusha T migrated to Virginia in the early 1980s. First to move was the older brother, Malice who quickly developed a reputation as a lyrical wordsmith. Three years later, Pusha T joined his brother and the duo began to combine their Kool G Rap, Juice Crew, Eric B & Rakim and Large Professor influences with the unique sounds of Virginia. It was during a cipher that Malice caught the attention of an unknown producer named Pharrell Williams. Cont'd below + revisit the LP...

Impressed by what he heard, Williams promised to work with Malice and Pusha T to produce a demo tape. As Malice and Pusha T began to develop their craft and recognize their potential to have an effect on the hip-hop world, they began to formally be known as the Clipse. Meanwhile, Pharrell along with his classmate, Chad Hugo, began to take the hip-hop world by storm and establish themselves as one of the brightest production teams in hip-hop. Once established, Pharrell and Chad, known as the Neptunes, helped the Clipse land a deal on Elektra in 1999, where they released the buzz-single "The Funeral." The single struck a cord with street heads and garnered the Clipse some well-deserved attention, making them two to watch for the new millennium. Since their official signing to Arista-affiliated Star Trak Entertainment, their street single "Grindin'" has been pure fire in the clubs and on the mixtapes. "Grindin'" has created a buzz of anticipation from the streets to hear what this duo has to bring to the game. Additionally, the video for "Grindin'," has been highly requested on B.E.T., M.T.V. and other local music stations. Their next single, "When The Last Time," geared for radio and club play, is scheduled to impact radio this summer. Lord Willin' the Clipse will introduce the Virginia streets to us on August 20th. - Press Kit, 2002. As Pusha T said, "Still giving you classics, that's the only thing that dates me." Take it back to '02 and revisit Clipse's Lord Willin'.