April 02, 2017

J-Live "All Of The Above" (Vibe Album Review, 2002)

J-Live all of the above
J-Live All Of The ABove Album Review Vibe Magazine

'All Of The Above' is the album J-Live calls 'my very first second album.' Released on this day in 2002, J-Live gave us a witty & intelligent 21-track offering filled introspective lyrics, meaning, and a counter-balance to what was out at the time. J-Live addressed the issues surrounding his debut, 'The Best Part,' right out the gate on 'First Things First,' "First things first, I just - got through, goin through / This ordeal, dealin with deals, you know the deal / I've dealt with, bein dealt dirty, downsized / And duped, done double-paid my dues, for real." With versatile flows and ill patterns, the 'true school' MC delivers fresh air to an industry that was going stale. With the help of DJ Spinna, Usef Dinero & Touch Of Jazz, the project's production is a great backdrop for J-Live's message to shine. On 'Satisfied,' J-Live touches on 9/11 'I know a older guy that lost twelve close peeps on 9-1-1 / While you kickin' up punchlines and puns / Man fuck that shit, this is serious biz / By the time Bush is done, you won't know what time it is.' From J-Live's notes on the project: 'These are by far the best songs I've done of late. Intended to insight rain hail snow and earthquakes. In other words brain storms and good vibes.' Mission accomplished, J-Live, and even the John Coltrane-inspired artwork pays homage to being classic and timeless. You can listen to and cop the digital below, but also consider diggin' up a copy of the CD and vinyl for the dope packaging.