April 20, 2017

Killer Mike "How To Open a Record" (2008) + HBD!

Happy Born Day to Atlanta's own, Killer Mike! As part of the duo Run The Jewels, Killer Mike joined forces with Company Flow MC/Producer El-P and have steadily risen from the underground into mainstream success. As a grassroots MC, Killer Mike had been on his grind for well nearly two decades. Coming up through affiliations with Outkast and celebrated features on their 'Stankonia' album, Killer Mike put out several solo projects dating back to his 2003 debut, 'Monster.' In 2008, we scheduled an in-store for Killer Mike's 'I Pledge Allegiance To The Grind II' album at Fat Beats. He wasn't met with fans kicking down the doors like he would be today ('fans' are funny like that, huh?), yet he sat and kicked game and shared his vision with the handful in attendance, mostly artists. One of the main takeaways from that night was a video I recorded, where Killer Mike broke down how to properly open and experience a brand new album. From the packaging to the liner notes to the listening experience; Killer Mike brought a sense of nostalgia to the room and reminded many of us of the earlier days when all these elements truly mattered to a release. He continues to bring that feeling back to hip-hop with Run The Jewels, where their live shows, music, marketing and promo are all top-notch. So, Happy Birthday to Killer Mike, much respect brother - I salute you!