Saturday, April 15, 2017

Happy 34th Birthday to Blu!

Blu & Exile Below The Heavens

Happy Born Day (34th) to the homie, Blu! Reppin' the West Coast, Blu is undeniably one of the most talented lyricists of the last decade. With a homerun on his debut album with Exile, 'Below The Heavens,' (2007) I've championed him for every minute of these last 10 years. It is easily MY favorite album to drop in that timespan. I know that sounds like a big statement, but from the first time I hit play on the advance, I haven't had the same excitement and feeling about an album since (excluding albums I personally worked on). Exile's production and Blu's versatility with flows, content and how he packaged 20 years of his life into that debut make it the benchmark for collaborative albums going forward. Sure, his numerous releases since have had some inconsistencies, especially with audio quality, but I've never questioned his genius and think another classic is just around the corner. Until then, show love and respect; HBD, Blu! Oh, on IG I posted the tail end of a convo and shout-out from Blu, a little advice on my name, lol. 

If u see the E drop it...

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