March 19, 2017

"The B.I.G. Sleep" (Daily News Front Page, 3/19/97)

The Notorious B.I.G. Biggie Smalls Christopher Wallace NY Daily News March 19, 1997

Now 20 years old, this is the front page of the New York Daily News on Wednesday, March 19, 1997; a day after the funeral of Biggie Smalls. B.I.G. was carried through Brooklyn as thousands of his fans gathered near his old home in Bed-Stuy to pay respect and say goodbye. The funeral was held at Frank E. Campbell Funeral Chapel in Manhattan; Faith sang 'Walk With Me, Lord' and Puff gave the eulogy. The hearse then brought his body to where I was raised in Middle Village, Queens - he was cremated at Fresh Pond Crematory, where my uncle, several friends, and many celebs have also been cremated. It's a small spot in a neighborhood known to outsiders for its cemeteries and being the final resting place for the Mob. BIG was killed by a single bullet that pierced several vital organs in a 1997 drive-by shooting in Los Angeles. He was struck four times, but the fatal bullet hit his lungs, heart, and colon. He died on 3/9/97 & to this day, no arrests have ever been made. Daily News.