April 26, 2017

50 Cent "Guess Who's Back?" (Mixtape, 4/26/02)

50 Cent Press Pics Negatives

On this day in 2002, 50 Cent released 'Guess Who's Back?,' a compilation of hits from past street albums and mixtapes. It was this mixtape/compilation that would gain the attention of Eminem (through 50's attorney), and ultimately lead to 50 Cent signing to Interscope. 'Guess Who's Back?' was released independently on Full Clip Records and was the first 'official' release since his 2000 (unreleased) album, 'Power of the Dollar.' It features production from Trackmasters, Clark Kent, Sha Money Xl, and more. For a release of its kind to chart on Billboard was an impressive feat and rumor has it that a lot of the tracks were recorded in Canada because studios in the states wouldn't work with him. For years, 50 also stayed in the Poconos area of Pennsylvania, and when my mom and sis moved to East Stroudsburg, it wasn't uncommon to see the G-Unit crew. From this release and signing with Interscope, 50 Cent would go on to become a mega-artist selling 10s of millions of albums with his debut & sophomore albums. Of course, his success has also extended beyond music to movies, liquor, vitamin water, headphones, and more. A true hustler from Queens!

Stream the mixtape above, original artwork is below...

50 Cent Guess Who's Back? Album Cover