April 09, 2017

Chino XL "Here To Save You All" (1996)

Chino XL here To Save You All Hip-Hop Nostalgia

Chino XL's classic debut, 'Here To Save You All' was released on this day in 1996 by American Recordings. The Mensa rapper has always been a master of flow and diction, dissecting syllables 'til the canvas bleeds.' The album features Ras Kass, Kool Keith, and production predominantly handled by B Wiz. A gem of an album in its own right, the controversy only added to its legend when 2Pac mentioned Chino XL on the infamous 'Hit Em Up' diss after taking issue with Chino's line on 'Riiiot.' Fortunately, before 2Pac's passing, they were able to talk and squash any 'beef' between them, but back in '96, it had all the buzz! With regards to the Vibe Magazine article above, it details the hidden skit at the end of the album about OJ, which you can listen to HERE. It was not the only reference to OJ on the album, lol. All fun facts aside, if you like depth in lyrics, witty wordplay, and incomparable flow, this album is STILL for you. Be sure to check out his new track, 'Under The Bridge,' his previous album 'RICANstruction,' and wish him a Happy belated Birthday (April 8th). Lastly, peep the Kutmasta Kurt video remix to "Kreep." I'm a big fan of Chino, hit the tags for more...