Sunday, September 30, 2018

Dave Diggla "Meditative Minutes" (Mix)

Volume 3 in Dave Diggla’s “Diggin In The Dirt” mixtape series: Meditative Minutes! Reppin’ out of Berlin, Germany, Dave Diggla’s latest mix features tracks from Apollo Brown, Ras Kass, Sean Price, Illa J, Kankick, Planet Asia, Mood, Madlib & lots more. It’s got a nice vibe to it, give it a spin below & I'll be sure to add some of his other mixes here, as well, as I get through listening to them. Props to whomever did the artwork too, leave a comment if you know and I'll add it here.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Ghostface Killah & Big Ghost Ltd "The Lost Tapes" (Album Stream)

As with any release involving Big Ghost Ltd, I head straight to his Instagram to get the proper scoop and wording on how he wants to flip the shit, so let's let man speak his peace: "Shit is paying tribute to the legacy of one the greatest emcees to ever walk the earth or any other planet...while also presenting yall wit (contrary to the album title) ALL. NEW. MUSIC. Soundscapes provided by none other than the mighty Hands of Zeus hisself aka Big Ghost Ltd. The album itself was masterminded by n creatively directed under the watchful eye of M80 who wanted to reacquaint fans of the legendary #GFK wit that vintage Ghost Deini shit while still pushin the sounds into less familiar territory... So you get that dusty soulful shit... You get that boom bap shit.. That gutter shit... That rock shit... You get the sounds of a more mature n experienced #Ghostface along wit features from all types of greats...legends such as Kane, Snoop, E40, Cappadonna, Raekwon, Planet Asia, Crooked I ... to future legends such as Benny The Butcher, 38 Spesh, Vic Spencer, Hus Kingpin & more. This aint jussa regular album...its a celebration of a human monument by his peers n those he has inspired for the past 2.5 decades nahmean. We gotta pay homage to the greats. The ones who paved the way for others to follow... I gotta thank Ghost myself too namsayin. But to anybody whoever devoted energy to doubting me or praying for my aint motivate me at all so I aint thanking ya insignificant bum ass for shit. The god is only motivated by greatness n by the need to persevere. Thank you to all those who truly inspire me to do great shit. PEACE"

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Grown Man Rap Show "Wild Pitch Records" (Mix)

DJ Toast broadcasts live every Sunday Night (10-12am, EST) at WRPI in Albany, NY. On episode 183, DJ Toasts puts a spotlight on Wild Pitch Records, featuring records from Chill Rob G, Main Source, Gang Starr, Hard Knocks, N-Tyce, an Interview with Stu Fine, as well as more joints with Ultramagnetic MCs, Lord Finesse, The Coup, O.C., & lots more. After all, this is the Grown Man Rap Show, it stays on brand and offers the best in vintage and classic Hip-Hop. Listen below!

Monday, September 24, 2018

De La Soul "Buhloone Mindstate" (25th Anniversary Mix)

"To celebrate the 25th anniversary of De La Soul's third full LP 'Buhloone Mindstate', originally released 21st September 1993, our friend Chris Read has put together a sweet tribute mix for Wax Poetics & Who Sampled. Enjoy!" I've said it before, but "Breakadawn" is surprisingly (to some) my favorite of all the classic De La Soul tracks over the years. I ran the 12" into the ground in my basement. As a group, they have amazed me since day one, making music and maintaining a brotherhood like no other group. Props across the board. 

Monday, September 24, 2018

BubbleWild "Long Story Short" (Album Stream)

"BubbleWild has a heart for different sounds. That’s why the producer from Melitopol, Ukraine mixed banging boombap drums with dreamy loops for some of his favorite rappers. But if you want the “Long Story Short”, you can also vibe to the instrumentals on the b-side. BubbleWild adds, "This project is very personal for me. It was in the making more than a year. A lot of good and bad things happened to me. I lost a lot of people who were close to me but also gained a lot of experience. I didn’t have any more desire to make music. I lost my passion. Thats why no one has heard about me all this time. But later I realized that music is my  savior. I put all my soul into this album. This is like my comeback to the game. Hope you will enjoy the vibe. Appreciate everyone. Much love." Listen...

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Diamond D "Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop" - Nuff' Said

In an argument over the greatest solo album of all members of the Diggin' in The Crates crew, some say "Jewelz" by O.C., others point to Big L's debut & it'd be fair to be point to half a dozen others, but how about Diamond D's "Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop"? Run through the tracklist, see if you can't make a case for it. Yup, it's all right there. My homie - and very first business partner - was a huge fan of this album. I'm confident that his copy was a bootleg cassette, but he definitely put me on and we sat with this album from start to finish before numerous sessions on the 1s & 2s. We grew up in Queens, but he was more of a West Coast Hip-Hop head, so this was a sleeper choice to him. Diamond is not my favorite MC or producer in the crew, nor is this my FAVORITE album from the D.I.T.C., but yeah, it just might be the best, most-cohesive in their catalog. I'd love to hear what members of the crew have to say about it. Either way, here's a 25th anniversary mix from Hellee Hooper that mixes original tracks with dope samples! Give it a listen below.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

KVBeats "The Breadwinners LP"

"Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, producer KVBeats returns with a banging album, coming off the success of his critically acclaimed debut album "The Résumé" (2010). His dope collaborations with some of the best veteran spitters around (Royce Da 5'9", Slum Village, Mic Geronimo, Pacewon, Oddisee, Prince Po, Smooth Da Hustler etc.) gained the passionate vinyl enthusiast airplay on prestigious radio shows like DJ Premier's "Live From HeadQCourterz" and "Late Night With Peter Rosenberg". Referring to his real life as a father and husband, KV brings a stellar line up of guest appearances on his brand new LP entitled "The Breadwinner", including lyrical heavyweights like Royce Da 5'9", AG (of D.I.T.C.), Torae, Percee P, Reks, Beneficence, Little Vic, Pacewon, Chaundon, Phantasm (of Cella Dwellas), Rashad (of Rashad & Confidence) and hardworking Ghanaian newcomer Recognize Ali. KV's raw and dusty true school sound, crafted with the help of soulful samples and hard-hitting drums, gives hip-hop listeners the essence of traditional boom bap while also bringing a contemporary flavor to it." - Ill Adrenaline Records / Digi | LP

Friday, September 21, 2018

Big L "Put It On" (Sticker / Video)

Big L: the latest member of the diggin' in da crates crew is set to "Put It On." It's hard to think of a lot of my favorite MCs gone + in recent years, the number has grown considerably. It used to be, when an MC died, we were like "damn, who killed him?" As hip-hop has aged, many of our OGs and legends are dying from living hard, health conditions, and natural causes. Back to L, my go-to line is he was an incredible talent that was taken from us far before he even reached his full potential. I still feel that way. I've been revisiting "Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous" a lot & even his various features, it was clear he was trying to kill everyone on his tracks. Coming up under an artist like Lord Finesse, who might be one of the greatest quotable lyricists, it's no surprise that L has some of the wickedest lines in rap history. "I run with sturdy cliques / I'm never hittin' dirty chicks / Got thirty-five bodies, buddy, don't make it thirty-six / Step to this, you're good as gone / Word is bond, I leave mics torn when I put it on..." Focus on the real ... rest in peace, Big L. Put your L's up.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Roc Marciano "Behold A Dark Horse" (Album Stream)

This is the sixth full-length studio album from legendary emcee/producer Roc Marciano, featuring Busta Rhymes, Black Thought, Q-Tip, Knowledge the Pirate, and more! Roc Marci has been busy, lots of releases and even more features, dig into the tags below for lots more content. In the meantime, stream "Behold A Dark Horse," his latest effort, below.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Shuko "1996" (Instrumental Album)

"1996 is an instrumental album by Germany's beatmaker 'Shuko' who produced for the likes of Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Snoop, Pusha-T, Jedi Mind Tricks, Talib Kweli, B-Real and many more... When he started to listen to Hip Hop in 1996 he never thought about working or writing with one of his icons. 22 Years later he looks back on a strong catalog of beats he produced for his childhood heroes from Cypress Hill, Grand Puba, Cl Smooth, Sadat X, O.C., Ras Kass, Keith Murray and many more. For this album Shuko only worked with the original equipment that was used 1996 in Hip Hop's golden era to capture the same vibe and sound. SP1200 & Akai MPC60 are the foundation of all his Beats besides one of his favourite samples of this age. 1996 is a homage of one of the best years in hip hop with guaranteed flashbacks, knocking drums, jazzy vibes and nodding heads."

Monday, September 17, 2018

Take It Personal Podcast "Pharoahe Monch Episode"

"Episode 32 has been long overdue. Pharoahe Monch is a part of the lyrical elite, and yet, still doesn't quite receive the props he deserves. After this tribute, that WILL end today! There has never been a Pharoahe Monch tribute of this magnitude before. We felt it was not only necessary, but equally important to do. Additionally, what would a Take It Personal tribute be without the man of the hour stopping by to share some stories? We talk Paul C., Extra P, and even Kool Keith. We find out what it was like being passed on by Russell Simmons (along with Nas) and signing with Disney. We break down the Stress: Extinction Agenda album cover. We touch on his relationship with O.C. and the fact he thought the Time's Up beat was pretty wack. We talk Rawkus, ghostwriting for Puff, sampling, sports, what went wrong on The Equinox; yes, we went there. We asked everything and he answered everything, including the possibility of an OK reunion. We have 86 tracks displaying the brilliance of Pharoahe Monch; we're proud as hell of this tribute, and honored to have Pharoahe Monch as our guest. This is our Pharoahe Monch Tribute!" Props to Philaflava, Kevlar & DJ 360.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Rasheed Chappell "First Brick" (Album Stream)

"Nothing humbles you more or truly reveals where you stand in the music business like “downtime;” it truly reveals who is riding FOR you and who’s just riding along. It’s been almost 7 years since Rasheed Chappell and I (Kenny Dope) dropped "Future Before Nostalgia" & I want to thank everyone who’s been supporting us since then. This is for y’all; "First Brick" is a project that we put together to reintroduce ourselves." - via KD's FB. I can appreciate that, for sure, and as a fan of Rasheed Chappell, who has been waiting (more than 7) years for this project, I am glad that it's here now. "Franchise" is still one of my favorite tracks on the project, but plenty more to get into, check it out and be sure to support it below, featuring O.C., Daniel Son, Crimeapple, DJ Scratch, Recognize Ali, Hus Kingpin, Napoleon Da Legend, and the OG, Lil' Fame. Salute, DJ Eclipse.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Reks "Order In Chaos" (Album Stream)

"Order in Chaos is the highly anticipated collaborative effort from Lawrence, Massachusetts emcee / producer duo REKS & ShortFyuz. The 14 track release combines REKS’ signature high energy & thought provoking lyricism over gritty, hardcore instrumentals from up and coming producer ShortFyuz, who has worked extensively with fellow Lawtown vet Termanology (‘GOYA’, ‘LostsoL 96’). This fusion of sound permeates with a distinctive methodology all their own. With Order in Chaos we have a hip hop record oozing underground aesthetics sure to please avid listeners while drawing in new fans with a unique soundbed.Order in Chaos is the highly anticipated collaborative effort from Lawrence, Massachusetts emcee / producer duo REKS & ShortFyuz. The 14 track release combines REKS’ signature high energy & thought provoking lyricism over gritty, hardcore instrumentals from up and coming producer ShortFyuz, who has worked extensively with fellow Lawtown vet Termanology (‘GOYA’, ‘LostsoL 96’). This fusion of sound permeates with a distinctive methodology all their own. With Order in Chaos we have a hip hop record oozing underground aesthetics sure to please avid listeners while drawing in new fans with a unique soundbed." Stream the album below.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Ghost Of The Machine "Heroes For Hire 2" (Album Stream)

"Heroes For Hire 2" showcases more soulful production from DJ Proof and slick bars + life narratives from Ghost of the Machine. The project features Reks and Skyzoo, as well as fellow members in Master Alliance: Fredo Crespo and Death Over Simplicity. Master Alliance is a blue collar indie Hip-Hop group formed in Upstate NY and Central Mass that also features Jay Bernard and James Green. Give this project a solid listen down below, updated with audio from Bandcamp...

Friday, September 14, 2018

Elcamino "Walking On Water" (Album Stream)

Fresh off the release of his critically acclaimed self-titled EP earlier in the year, Buffalo NY MC Elcamino is back with his debut LP, "Walking on Water." Elcamino comes with what you can always count on him for - raw street raps over gritty instrumentals. The LP has featured appearances from Benny The Butcher, Meyhem Lauren, and Elcarnicero. Stream the LP below.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Knowledge The Pirate "Flintlock" (Album Stream)

"Knowledge The Pirate name has been marauding the music industry since the 90's, always keeping a low profile but a strong street reputation. Throughout the years, despite several collaborations and a lot of attention towards him, he went on to distance himself from the music world to later resurface on several tracks with fellow East Coast legend Roc Marciano. After all these years, Knowledge is finally gracing us with his first official full-length entitled "Flintlock" which he releases on his own Treasure Chest imprint. This work of art does not disappoint people who've been long waiting for Knowledge to drop his first album, featuring productions by Elemnt, Mushroom Jesus as well as Roc Marciano who also blesses one of his productions with a verse. The 15 tracks on this record sound as precious and gracious as a treasure chest hidden within the streets."

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Fat Beats Is Back! 916 S. San Pedro Street

This is the best news I've heard in a long while, Fat Beats will return in a new location in downtown Los Angeles. On September 22nd, Fat Beats will reopen at 916 S. San Pedro Street in LA, with a special grand opening, featuring guest DJ sets from Rhettmatic, Dibia$e, Houseshoes, Ras G, Exile, DJ Babu, the founder of Fat Beats, DJ Jab, and lots more. As a Fat Beats alumni, I can say firsthand that Fat Beats has played an integral role in underground hip-hop since the early 90s, and your favorite rapper's favorite rapper has no doubt performed at one of their locations. Having a spot like Fat Beats in a community creates a hub for creativity; opens its door for like-minded people to meet, connect, and share an affinity for the culture all while supporting artists and holding physical product in their hands! I hope that people will continue to support Fat Beats, and we'll see an increase in in-stores again, with live performances, more DJ sets, and exclusive content. While the NY location has not operated since 2010, Fat Beats continued to maintain its presence via it's online store, events, and occasional pop-up shops, as well as strong distribution in support of many independent labels and artists releasing product to our niche audience. I already texted Joe, but I wish him much success in this renewed venture, and the whole team at Fat Beats in LA. If you visit the store on San Pedro St, send me a message and any pics you have, I wanna see! Much respect to DJ Eclipse, of course. If you're a fan of Hip-Hop, this is a proud day!

Monday, September 03, 2018

Noveliss "Cerebral Apex" (Album Stream)

I'm a big fan of Noveliss of Clear Soul Forces. "Cerebral Apex" is his latest offering, in which he explains: "This album is based off of a Manga book that I'm writing and have been writing for the last 2 years and the album is what I'd consider to be an original soundtrack if this ever got launched into an Anime. Can't thank my artist Aaron Hendrick enough for constantly being able to turn my ideas into something special. Shoutout to all the producers who helped me put this together and shoutout to my fiance Ashley who is the voice doing all the narration of the manga story throughout the album." Please stream this album below, you will enjoy it!

Monday, September 03, 2018

Armand Hammer "Parafin" (Album Stream)

"A distillate, by it’s very nature, is purified, clearer than that which is left in it’s wake. When we talk of finding the heart of something, what to make of the rest, of everything that is flayed away searching for an imagined greater truth. Then comes Victor Frankenstein in the boneyard, with a Tesla coil and a wooden wagon with a creaky wheel. Looking for freshly turned earth. Chances are they’re only a few feet deep, it’s cheap work, and they get lazy, same as anyone. The spade sinks right in, the ground is soft. It’s been a wet spell. The townspeople will be raging soon, but tonight, they sleep. Backwoodz Studioz will be releasing Paraffin, the new project from Armand Hammer (ELUCID & billy woods), on August 30th. Paraffin is less a follow up to 2017’s Rome than an un-guided tour through the labyrinths beneath it. Paraffin features production from Messiah Musik, ELUCID, Ohbliv, August Fanon, Willie Green and Kenny Segal, along with a blistering feature from Sketch185. The digital version of the album differs in certain ways from the vinyl, and makes for what we hope is a more expansive listen." Do yourself a favor, stream it below.

Monday, September 03, 2018

Binary Star "LIGHTY EARS APART" (Double LP Album Stream)

Binary Star made its return last year with the release of Water World 3. Now, the One Be Lo-spearheaded project has followed it up by dropping a double album titled LIGHTY EARS APART. “This is the fourth and fifth installment of the Binary Star,” One Be Lo tells HipHopDX. “After Binary Star’s Masters Of The Universe and my S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M. albums dropped, One Be Lo jumped in the cockpit while One Man Army, the producer, went on a hiatus until 2017’s Water World 3 release and now officially with Binary Star’s LIGHTY and EARS APART. He adds, “I wanted to rap over my own beats, but I wanted to do it at the right time. I wanted to build my arsenal, so I played with bands and other producers and engineers. Even though many people know One Be Lo as an MC, those in the loop know that early on he was making just as many flames on beat machines as he was on the mic. On LIGHTY and EARS APART, the two-headed dragon is back, breathing fire and blowing flames on beat machines and mics — revolving as a Binary Star system.”

“One Be Lo holds down most of the vocals while One Man Army holds down a bulk of the beats on the album with a handful of beat contributions from The Tyrant, Gas Mask, MTK, Unjust and guitar riffs from Autocon comrad DMT,” he explains. “This project is released as a double album, which in itself symbolizes two stars that revolve around each other. There is also a Binary Star/Water World science fiction story that comes as a bonus with the two-headed dragon. The name of the story is The LOOMA (The Legends Of One Man Army).” - via HipHopDX (Justin Ivey)

Monday, September 03, 2018

KLIM Beats "Soul Searchin'" (Instrumental Album)

Ukranian producer/beatmaker, KLIM Beats is back with another dope beat tape: the aptly titled "Soul Searchin'." He's released over a dozen projects thus far - all with quality beats - but when I saw the title of this tape, I knew I'd want to give extra attention to this particular release - and I'm glad that I did. The 11-track release flips a few familiar joints and plenty of soul, definitely give it a chance and dig in below, then hit the tags for additional releases from KLIM Beats...

Sunday, September 02, 2018

Da Wolfpack "Definition" (Video)

Da Wolfpack (Omar Epps and his cousin, G-Sharp) dropped "Definition" (produced by Akshun) on cassette and vinyl in '95 on Emotional Records. The video for the single had decent rotation at the time, but I'm not sure how much distribution the physical copies had, I was never able to cop the cassette. While the cousins formed the group in '91, it's not a surprise that after the success of Juice in '92, Omar Epps was able to leverage his notoriety into bigger opportunities for his music. I can't say too much on what happened after '95 (because I don't know), but you might argue that loyalty to his fam got in Epps' way, I'll let you decide: when faced with the opportunity of doing a bunch of joints with DJ Premier (funded by a label), O tried to reach back and grab his homie who made beats instead. I DO respect his loyalty (honestly) & it's not to say his homie did or didn't make dope beats, too, (especially if it was Akshun, he had lots of dope stuff with Pac, Special Ed & more) but I'm saying, we could have had joints with DJ Premier also! lol. I doubt there is regret, Omar Epps' career has been long and distinguished so certainly things worked out just fine, and if you think about it, '95 was "Higher Learning" and '97 was the slept-on gem "First Time Felon," so he was busy with plenty of dope 'ish. Anyhow, let's go back to 1995 and peep "Definition," you can find more music from Omar and G-Sharp on streaming platforms, do some Googles.

Saturday, September 01, 2018

Da King & I, on a September Morning

"A September morning life didn't seem the same way it should be / I was just mourning, thinking of all the wrong that was done to me / Check me"
Much love to DJ Majesty & Izzy Ice of Da King & I ... their classic album "Contemporary Jeep Music" from 1993 is still getting consistent burn on this September morning in 2018. My favorite track was definitely the remix to "Tears" even with the heavy competition of "Flip Da Scrip" (original and DJ Premier remix), Mr. All That, Krack Da Weazel and more. I'd be the first one online to cop a new album or some vaulted material from back in the day. I'm sure I've traced their backgrounds in past posts, from Howie Tee, Chubb Rock, and Spencer Bellamy of East Flatbush Project, etc to Majesty's role in the classic hood film, Juice, in 1992. This is just the vibe I'm on today so had to go back and revisit the album and especially "Tears," go dig it up and do the same. Meanwhile, check out this freestyle from '92, and if you're interested in more info, you can find them both on IG easy enough.