April 04, 2017

Big Pun "Yeeeah Baby" (Vibe Album Review, 2000)

Big Pun Yeeeah Baby Advertisement Loud Records
Big Pun Yeeeah Baby Vibe Magazine Album Review

The press release for the album made it clear, Big Pun was a platinum recording artist and a Latino superstar! Shortly after completing the recording for 'Yeeeah Baby,' Big Pun passed away on February 7, 2000. 'Yeeeah Baby' was actually scheduled for release in February but was pushed back two months after Pun's death to April 4, 2001. Loud Records Founder & CEO, Steve Rifkind said, 'Because Pun is a dear friend of mine I wanted to do the best that I could for his family, we delayed the release of Yeeeah Baby to make absolutely sure we had everything on point. This album will go down in history as one of the greatest rap albums ever recorded, it's a classic.' The lead single 'It's So Hard' charted well and the album went on to go Gold. The video features the roster of artists that were on Loud at the time, as well as Pun's wife and children, Puffy, Terror Squad, J-Lo, Busta and more. On the night of the release, Loud celebrated Pun's life with an album release party at Jimmy's Bronx Cafe on Fordham Road in the Bronx. I remember the press kit had a line saying not to confuse the title with Austin Powers' catchphrase, lol. It's been said he originally wanted to call the album 'Endangered Species,' I wonder what made him change his mind on that? R.I.P., Big Dog Punisher; one of the most charismatic men in rap history! 'No need to worry, Pun, you'll never be forgotten.' Salute his son, Chris Rivers, for carrying on his legacy. Updated: Added VinRican's mix.