April 11, 2017

Ali Vegas 'Masterpeace' (Prod. by Little Vic)

The Prince of New York, the kid Ali Vegas is back at it with 'Masterpeace,' produced by Little Vic. I really like this track, especially the keys, and his pen and delivery are as strong as they were back in the late 90s when I first heard him burst onto the scene. For years, we thought he was next to blow out of Queens. He was signed to Columbia with Trackmasters as a teenager, put out a grip of great singles working with just about every artist out of Queens at the time - with the exception of Nas - and his debut had a lot of buzz. When Trackmasters' deal with Columbia fell through, he went his own way and his debut album, 'Generation Gap,' (1999) was shelved. My memory on the timeline is fuzzy but there was also a beef with DJ Clue that popped off via the mixtape scene, where he eventually put out a track called 'The Apology' dissing DJ Clue and Fabolous. With a few mixtapes over the years and a leak of 'Generation Gap' finding it's way onto the net, it's good to hear 'Masterpeace' and know there's more good music still to come. The homie, The Audible Doctor, handled some production on his last album, 'Just Let Me Rhyme,' which dropped August of last year, definitely give it a listen HERE. By the way, anyone know who did the artwork above?