April 05, 2017

Diamond D Tribute & Interview: Happy Born Day!

Diamond D D.I.T.C.

Happy Born Day to the Bronx legend & D.I.T.C. representer, Diamond D. Back when it was Diamond & The Psychotic Neurotics, it was my DJ partner, Mike Figs, who put me on to Diamond D. With the help of Lee Dancer, Sha-Ease, DJ KX and Whiz One, Diamond D's 'Stunts, Blunts and Hip Hop' put him on a short list for best rapping producer and they crafted an album that was as much iconic and it is classic. I've followed his career ever since and he's still going strong with production, album releases and touring as a DJ with an incredible live 45s set. Much was said in this 2015 episode of the Combat Jack Show (click to listen) with Diamond D, be sure to check that out, and below is last year's tribute from DJ Toast & Paul Nice on the Grown Man Rap Show. The tribute runs through dozens of records, featured tracks, samples & more. Salute the OG and listen to the mix below...