June 30, 2019

DJ Platurn "So This Is De La Heaven" (Mixes)

In 2003, the Northern California-based DJ Platurn made So This Is De La Heaven? The joint was a cut and paste mix, lasting over an hour, assembling the source music that gave the D.A.I.S.Y. Age its groove. Eleven years later, DJ Platurn returned with So This Is De La Heaven, Pt. 2, picking up without losing a step, and even the members from De La were taking notice: “Out of all the De La [Soul] mixes I’ve heard over the years, this is the most creative one. Let me take it back in time a bit and say this is ‘Strickly Dan Stuckie’. Salute, salutary, and salutations!” - via AFH. Listen below...

June 29, 2019

Freddie Gibbs & Madlib "Bandana" (Album Stream)

Madlib, the prolific producer and adept sampler with a record collection spanning all genres and eras and Freddie Gibbs, the gravel-voiced braggadocios rapper, a vocal athlete. As a pair, they exude a natural chemistry and craft an alchemical music. Reunited after their widely celebrated 2014 album PiƱata, Gibbs and Madlib are back with Bandana, a brand new collaboration for 2019. Bandana includes first single, “Flat Tummy Tea,” which received critical praise upon release from the likes of Rolling Stone, Billboard, Vulture, Pitchfork, FADER, GQ, and more. The album also includes features from Pusha T, Killer Mike, Yasiin Bey, and Black Thought and more. Disclaimer: I haven't really gotten into this project as much as everyone else, but I do see the genius in it. So, dig into it below...

June 28, 2019

YBN Cordae "The Lost Boy" (Album Stream)

I knew nothing about YBN Cordae when his debut project hit my inbox, but the album's title, "The Lost Boy," suggested a depth to the content that peeked my interest. I was not all disappointed and it's proof to me that there is a lot of talent in the new crop of eMCees, but like anything, you have to give it a shot and do some digging. At just 21 years old, he reps out of North Carolina and Maryland with influences rooted in 90s underground hip-hop and tackles subject matter that ranges from death and addiction to love and success. There's an old soul approach in his self-reflection and discovery, as well as the backdrops to some of the music. No doubt there's a lot of mainstream reach but give this one a chance below. I expect to see it on year end lists. Dig into it...

June 27, 2019

DJ Craig G "Sneekin' Up On That Ass" (Mixtape, 1994)

This is DJ Craig G's Sneekin' Up On That Ass mixtape, from 1994. So many classic tracks on this one! Artists like The Notorious B.I.G., Redman, O.C., Organized Konfusion, Lady of Rage, Champ MC, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Ill Al Skratch, Big Daddy Kane, The Legion, Method Man, Craig Mack, Das EFX, Gravediggaz, Jeru The Damaja, Big Daddy Kane, Rampage, Naughty By Nature, Nice & Smooth and more. This tape was heavy on Ready To Die tracks from Biggie, but the whole tape has that same golden era flavor to it. "Time's Up," "Flava In Ya Ear," and "Stress" just to name a few others. Dig in...

June 26, 2019

Ill Conscious "Logistix" (Album Stream)

Baltimore wordsmith, Ill Conscious, is back with his latest effort, Logistix. 11-tracks of superb beats and sharp rhymes featuring fellow lyricists Jay Royale, Code Nine, Recognize Ali, J. Scienide, Supreme Cerebral, and more. Ill Conscious is a superior eMCee and he enlists some of the best in the underground to join him on this record, do not hesitate to purchase it via Bandcamp. Listen below and dig into the tags to go back through his catalog of great releases if you haven't already!

June 25, 2019

The Alchemist x Mobb Deep "Built To Last" (Mix)

The 'Built To Last' Radio Show is hosted by Corrado and I Joe, each Thursday from 8-9pm on Radio campus FM in Toulouse, France. The latest mix in their series of tributes to classic emcees and producers is this Infamous Mobb Deep set, featuring production from Alchemist. One of the best combinations in rap history, the chemistry that Alc, Hav & P had in the studio was near unmatched. You definitely wanna dig into the tags and listen to all the other quality mixes from Built To Last. Rest in Paradise, Prodigy: Hip-Hop misses your voice and perspective in music. Dig into it below...

June 24, 2019

Public Enemy "It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back"

Public Enemy It Takes a Nation of Millions to hold Us back Spin Magazine
Public Enemy It Takes a Nation of Millions to hold Us back Spin Magazine

In 1988, Public Enemy released their sophomore album, 'It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back,' through Def Jam Records. I'd bet some of you weren't even alive when this album dropped. In The Source's 100th issue in 1998, they ranked 'It Takes a Nation...' as the Best Album ... ever! When you consider the impact its had on people and the culture, Public Enemy earned that spot with this album. I included the original review in Spin Magazine in 1988 above, but I also refer to a separate Vibe article in '04 where they looked back at the album and said: 'Chuck and Flav were perhaps the oddest couple in rap history. On their sophomore release, along with Terminator X, Professor Griff, and the SW1, Public Enemy waged a fiery war of words on the powers that be over superior tracks from Hank Shocklee and the Bomb Squad. With this mighty LP, Public Enemy birthed a nation of revolutionaries.' Yes, Yes and Yes. On a personal note, I wrote Chuck D an e-mail many years ago asking for support on an initiative, and he responded ... on his birthday ... in a foreign country ... and gave me true words of encouragement, as well as a quote that I could use in the one-sheet for the project. He's on the front lines and has my eternal respect for all his pioneering contributions. 'I'm even lethal when I'm unarmed / Cause I'm louder than a bomb...' Watch the music video below...

June 23, 2019

Benny The Butcher "The Plugs I Met" (EP Stream)

The Plugs I Met is the latest project under the Griselda Records label and is Benny The Butcher’s 2nd solo EP. It has features Black Thought of the Roots, producer 38 Spesh, Jadakiss of The Lox, RJ Payne, Conway The Machine, India and Pusha T. The Plugs I Met is produced mainly by Daringer, The Alchemist and DJ Shay. The title comes from a line on "Broken Bottles," where Benny spits “I’ma write a whole album ‘bout the plugs I met.” One of the best projects of the year... listen below!

June 22, 2019

Doo Wop "Spring Two" (Mixtape, 1993)

Spring Two is the second Spring mix tape from Doo Wop in 1993 via Tape Kingz. This mix features original tracks on the A-Side from Funkdoobiest, Masta Ace, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Onyx, Run DMC, LL Cool J, Illegal, Funkmaster Flex & Nine, Fu-Schnickens, 2Pac, Biz Markie and more. On the tape's B-Side, Doo Wop goes into original blends featuring a host of artists and instrumentals, a bit more R&B flavor on the B-Side, too. This wasn't my favorite mix from Doo Wop, but it's still solid...

June 21, 2019

Big Tone & House Shoes "Big Shoes" (Album Stream)

BIG SHOES deals in legacy. The legacies we inherit, carry on or betray, and the legacies we leave behind for others. House Shoes and Big Tone know about legacy. The Motor City titans came up in a time when Detroit Hip-Hop experienced a super-bloom of creativity and innovation. In their own ways, they took on a mantle for the city and it’s music scene. They bled for it. They lost friends and pillars of their city. Then, they grew up and created families of their own. Still, they’ve pressed on and continued. Tone and Shoes have been friends and collaborators for a lifetime. BIG SHOES is a chronicle of their experiences, together and alone, carrying out the heavy and heralded legacy of being a Detroit musician. This reconciliation of the pain their journeys have faced includes a recognition of the growth brought about as a result. BIG SHOES is also a family reunion, with a litany of guests, witnesses and friends. This isn’t a Hollywood tale of triumph, it’s a bittersweet story of blessings and baggage. Our protagonists don’t end the album in loud and garish opulence, they complete a cipher. Where they began dealing with the weight of the lineage they carry on, we leave the story with our two auteurs in control and at peace with the patrimony they’ve built--and continue to build. BIG SHOES is fully produced by House Shoes with Big Tone handling the mic, with family appearances from Denmark Vessey, Blu, Quelle Chris, Jimetta Rose, 87 and MoSel. Listen...

June 21, 2019

The Good People "The Summer EP" (EP Stream)

The Good People are exactly that, good folks that have maintained a strong presence in Hip-Hop since the mid-naughts. Consisting of MC/DJ Emskee and MC/producer Saint, these two heads eschew the violence and misogyny of hardcore Hip-Hop, but still give fans that energy and sound of classic 90s Boom Bap. While some may even group them under the conscious Hip-Hop banner, their intent is to just make the kind of music that listeners can’t help but nod their heads to. The type of tunes that send b-boys into the circle without a second thought. While this true school twosome dropped a number of well-received projects (group and solo) between 2004-2013, it wasn’t until earlier this year that they released their third official group album, "Good For Nuthin". The effort showed they hadn’t lost a step. In fact, it is the very definition of essential, "no frills" Hip-Hop. The LP features some of the genre’s most enduring pioneers and vets, including DJ Red Alert, Large Professor, Sadat X, Lil Fame, the Cella Dwellas and more. Now, only a little more than four months later they are back with an offering perfect for the upcoming dog days, which is appropriately titled The Summer EP. The 6-track affair carries on tradition without sounding retro. Push play and experience that feeling of a cold drink on a sweltering day. Props to Emskee, listen to the EP below...

June 20, 2019

Apollo Brown "Anthology" (Mixed by Soulmind)

One of the best producers to come up in the last 10+ years, Apollo Brown represents the soul of Motown and the hard drums that make Detroit a premiere location for Hip-Hop music. Berlin's Soulmind has compiled this "Anthology" running through Apollo Brown's prolific catalog of music. From instrumental albums to collaborative projects with some of the best lyricists in music and still finding time to craft cohesive production albums, Apollo's work ethic puts him in a class of his own. The "Anthology" features tracks with Planet Asia, Boog Brown, Invincible, Guilty Simpson, Hassaan Mackey, Skyzoo, Ghostface Killah, The Left, Ras Kass, Masta Ace, Vinnie Paz, Sean Price, and more. Much respect to Apollo Brown, who I'm thankful to have a relationship with - built out of mutual respect - and I am glad to see him continue to win out here. Oh, and Happy Born Day, brother! 

June 19, 2019

Roc Marciano "The Prequel" (EP Stream)

The Prequel LP is a collection of hidden jewels from Hempstead, Long Island's legendary producer/emcee Roc Marciano. Featuring rarities never before released on vinyl, this necessary piece of the Roc Marciano catalog boasts production from the man himself, as well as fellow east coast legend, Just Blaze and a feature from Knowledge The Pirate. The EP has been released on red-colored vinyl boasting 6 tracks, of which "Not One" was the lead single. Props to Fat Beats, I'm certain this one will be sold out by the time you read this, but enjoy the streaming link below...

June 18, 2019

"Ayo, fam, you listen to hip-hop?"

"Ayo, fam, you listen to hip-hop?" = an ongoing joke with those of us who spent years working at Fat Beats in New York City. It seems that joke made its way to North Carolina back in 2005 when Little Brother (Phonte, Rapper Big Pooh and 9th Wonder) released their second classic, 'The Minstrel Show.' In this October issue of Vibe Magazine, they took to the Virgin Megastore - another known spot for independent artists to hustle their music - and saw what kind of love their music would get in the Rotten Apple. Off the strength of the banging single, "Lovin' It," you would think it would have been an easy sale, right? You'll have to follow Pooh or Phonte on Twitter to ask them about that, this post is really just a reminder of old days and old jokes, that still resonate. So, do you listen to hip-hop? If so, take a walk down memory lane with me and pop this in your deck.

June 18, 2019

DJ Nels "The Best of Biggie" (Mixtape)

DJ Nels pays tribute to The Notorious B.I.G., with his Best of Biggie mixtape. Not breaking any new ground and I've certainly posted a half dozen best of's for Biggie over the years, but this one still stands on its own merits. Running through lots of classics and a few loosies here and there, DJ Nels celebrates the life of Biggie in his 25-track mix. No tracklist needed, it's BIG! R.I.P. Dig into it below...

June 17, 2019

DJ Pizzo "The Arrival Of Kendrick Lamar" (Mixtape, 2013)

“The Arrival Of Kendrick Lamar” by DJ Pizzo pays homage to those mid-90’s Mister Cee mixtapes like “The Best Of Biggie” and “The Best Of Redman”, this “tape” collects many of the b-sides, remixes, and collaborations from Kendrick Lamar from his days on the come-up. Mixed by DJ Pizzo (originally of HipHopSite) who chose the title “The Arrival Of Kendrick Lamar” for two reasons 1) He always thought those “Best Of” titles were a bit inaccurate, because these tapes were usually made up of all of the tracks the artist threw away. 2) 2012 was the year Kendrick Lamar truly “arrived”, so this mix reflects that. "Along with all of the blog bangers, there’s also a few exclusive Pizzo edits and some trap remixes as well. Fully mixed and blended. None of that broken-glass-sound-effect-as-a-transition-bullshit." Pizzo is now doing great things with Medium at Cuepoint.

June 16, 2019

Your Old Droog "Transportation" (Album Stream)

Acclaimed Ukrainian-American rapper Your Old Droog recently made waves with the unexpected release of "It Wasn’t Even Close", a brand new album that drew widespread attention after dropping in April with no advance warning. Fresh off this success, your old pal is returning less than two months later with "Transportation." The album features 15 tracks, all of which loosely relate to a method of transportation. “Not everything is literal though,” says the artist, which comes as no surprise considering the man’s penchant for abstract metaphors. "Transportation" finds Your Old Droog returning to the unique remind-you-of-NYC-at-night soundscapes that served as the backdrop to his classic self-titled debut, which was named one of the top 10 albums of 2014 by The New York Times and one of the top 15 rap albums of 2014 by Rolling Stone. Similar to the first project, the bulk of the beats on "Transportation" are handled in-house by eclectic Inwood beat wizard Mono En Stereo. Droog sounds more than at home delivering the audio equivalent of comfort food, with interludes sprinkled around beats and rhymes. Listen to Transportation below...

June 15, 2019

DJ Self "Let The Lox Go!" (Mixtape, 2000)

"At the time, it seemed like a fatal move. No one in his right mind would leave Bad Boy Records, then an indomitable force in the music industry. But Jayson (Jadakiss) Phillips, David Styles and Sean (Sheek) Jacobs of the hard-core rap group the Lox left and haven't looked back. "We're just happy to be free," says Jacobs. "We weren't the real Lox before, but this time it's us, 100%." ... "We couldn't say what we wanted to say, we couldn't write what we wanted to write" ... "You can't work when you're uncomfortable." Repeated requests to get out of their contract fell on deaf ears. So the group went public with their grievances and launched an unprecedented grass-roots campaign, complete with "Lex the Lox Go" picket signs, posters and T-shirts. Things came to a head in June at Hot 97's "Summer Jam" concert when the group performed in their protest T-shirts. Bad Boy honcho Sean (Puffy) Combs was there, and he was not pleased. He let the lox go in September. "We're the first hip-hop group to go against the powers that be with the power of the people," says Styles. "Too many [bleepers] in the industry don't do what they gotta do. They're too afraid of ending up back in the 'hood - but we ain't." Rhyming together since their high-school days in Yonkers, the Lox (it stands for "Living off experience") are tight enough to finish each other's sentences. Phillips, 24, has a sly grin and the group's most distinctive voice; it sounds gritty, as if he gargles with gravel. Jacobs, 25, is the friendliest in the crew. Not one for youthful shenanigans, he keeps the troops in line. As for Styles - well, the name says it all.... Tattoos that say "hope for the best, but expect the worst" cover his forearms. Honing their skills in local talent shows and on mix tapes, the Lox earned a reputation for delivering rough, true-to-ghetto-life narratives... "We were watered down," admits Jacobs. "Bad Boy's image was flossy. But we've always been - straight underground, straight ghetto." Now, the Lox is ready to prove they're worth the rumored $2.5 million that Interscope paid for their freedom...." - NY Daily News. Listen to DJ Self's "Let the Lox Go" mixtape below, which provides some more to the story, from an audio point of view. 

June 14, 2019

DJ Precise "Reggae: Old To The New" (Mixtape, 1999)

Taking it to 1999, this is a dancehall mix tape from DJ Precise called "Reggae (Old To The New)." A hefty 50+ tracks, the mix features legends in dancehall like Buju Banton, Cutty Ranks, Shaggy, Dirtsman, Red Foxx, Rayvon, Pliers, Shabba Ranks, Chaku Demus & Pliers, Mega Banton, Singing Sweet, Tiger, Beenie Man, Lady Saw, Tanya Stephens, Bounty Killer, Red Rat, Sean Paul, Spragga Benz, Wayne Wonder, Mr. Vegas, and more! I've posted a handful of dancehall mixes over the years, all offering a different - but similar - flavor. Dig into DJ Precise's take on classic dancehall below...

June 13, 2019

Kid Capri "52 Beats" (Mixtape, 1992)

Born in Brooklyn, raised in the Bronx, Kid Capri was born to be creative and ambitious. As a young child scaling his family’s old Zenith stereo system in the attempt to scratch records before he was even ten years old. Kid first inched his way onto the hip-hop scene with the grass-roots approach of club gigs and creating mixtapes. Kid is the original guru of mixtapes, as he saw their profit potential early in his career, he paved the way and other DJ’s followed. His 52 Beats mix tape set the benchmark for live mixes, and while DJs have the advantage of new technology and his blueprint to work from, 52 Beats is still one of the best mix tapes to come from my generation. This is one of those mixes that I'd recommend listening to on its original cassette, but at least it's the Kid's link...

June 12, 2019

Che' Noir "The Thrill Of The Hunt 2" (Album Stream)

The Thrill Of The Hunt 2 is the latest teaser-project from Buffalo, NY's Che' Noir. It's the first project (I've heard) with original production, which is properly handled by 38 Spesh. I got into The Thrill Of The Hunt last year and hearing Che Noir spit over classic instrumentals was cool... but it didn't give me enough to sway me one way or another. This project is a step forward with Che's bars being more focused and her delivery sharper, but the tracks still clock in under 2 minutes. The movement in upstate NY is strong and with heavy cosigns coming her way, I expect big things and a lot more content is on the way. Peep her latest; it's all bars and beats, "NO HOOKS", dig in below...

June 11, 2019

Nems "Gorilla Monsoon" (Album Stream)

Born and raised in the infamous Coney Island section of Brooklyn, Nems started writing at the age of 15, when he hit the gas and never slowed down, winning almost every notable freestyle battle and performance based competition in NYC. At age 17 Nems participated in the MTV series “Fight Klub”, during which Nems battled fellow MCs to a 20-3 record and became a stand-out on the show, garnering him attention from Def Jam, Shady Records and countless labels of all sizes. Nems inked a deal with Psycho+Logical / Koch Records and began touring throughout the United States, dropping his first album in 2010, the critically acclaimed Prezident’s Day. Since dropping Prezident’s Day, Nems has released numerous albums and mixtapes (including Coney Soprano, the Skinny Nems series and Planet of the Apes series) and has collaborated with legends and up-and-comers in the rap game alike, including Ghostface Killah, Kool G Rap and Benny the Butcher. Nems’ hard work over the years has paid off, amassing a cult like following with no major-label backing or support. Now, in 2019, fans of Nems can get their fix with GORILLA MONSOON, his new 13 track LP ft Conway, Spit Gemz and more, and entirely produced by Jazzsoon. Been a minute since I seen Nems, this project is tough...

June 10, 2019

Rest In Peace, Bushwick Bill

It shouldn't be lost on the hip-hop community that Bushwick Bill was one of our beloved stars. His role with the Geto Boys wasn't necessarily the stand-out MC or writer, but his flavor was felt on the tracks he touched and his delivery + presence brought tracks like "My Minds Playin Tricks" to life for fans like me who saw the visuals and that's what catapulted that record to be a worldwide hit. His legacy carried beyond that and while his antics may have overshadowed much of his career, I gotta salute him and say that I hope Scarface and Willie D are able to honor him and the bond they had through music, however damaged it may have been in later years. Rest in Peace, Bushwick Bill.

June 09, 2019

DJ 7L "Saucony 1994 Aya Mix" (Mixtape)

My apologies to DJ 7L, an incredible artist and DJ, who put this mixtape together, because I didn't use the original artwork. I've never been the biggest Saucony fan, so while I'm glad that the Saucony Aya release coincided with a lot of phenomenal music in 1994 to inspire this tribute mix, I didn't wanna get caught up on that and instead go straight to the music. You can expect joints from Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, Black Moon, Beastie Boys, A Tribe Called Quest, the Fugees, Keith Murray, Lady of Rage, Craig Mack (R.I.P.), The Notorious B.I.G. (R.I.P.), Ill Al Skratch and more. Listen below...

June 08, 2019

A-Trak "Kanye's Soul Mix Show" (Mixtape, 2006)

Released in 2006, A-Trak states that “This was a mixtape Kanye’s team had me do for some Japanese label.” He describes the mixtape as “a collection of songs sampled, flipped my way, of course.” Before A-Track's status as an award winning DJ and successful executive, he was Kanye West's tour DJ. In a 2015 interview with Pitchfork, the Canadian native elaborates on how he gained the trust of Mr. West and became one of his most trusted ears for music and fashion. A-Trak has credits on a few of Kanye's biggest hits, like “Gold Digger”, “Stronger”, and “Robocop”. Narrated by Kanye himself, this mix is stacked Ye-produced classics from the early 2000s. The Fools Gold's founder flexes his scratching abilities over soulful samples from Nina Simone, Bobby "Blue" Bland, and a few others. From “Heart in the City” to “Through the Wire,” take a stroll down memory lane where you'll hear the original cuts from your favorite tracks. This soul mix is a must-listen for any lover of Kanye, samples, or good vibes only. Wish Kanye West a Happy Born Day, and listen below!

June 07, 2019

J.PERIOD "The Best Of Nas" (Mixtape, 2004)

J.PERIOD’s epic tribute to God’s Son is hosted by Nas himself and features exclusive interviews conducted by J.PERIOD, plus rare freestyles, previously unreleased tracks and J.PERIOD remixes. Featured in The Source "Hottest Mixtapes" at the time of its release, J.PERIOD's Best of Nas set a new standard for mixtapes, merging interview segments with Nas' own music to create a unique and unprecedented musical narrative. The Best Of Nas can also be credited for launching J.PERIOD's award-winning tribute series, which now boasts collaborations with GRAMMY winners Lauryn Hill, Q-Tip, The Roots, Mary J. Blige, Kanye West, John Legend, and more. A must-have for any Nas fan. Updated, and there's also a 10th anniversary edition available, dig that up too. Listen below...

June 06, 2019

Freeway "Next" Feature in Vibe Magazine (June, 2002)

Freeway is ironing his jeans quietly, but he is anything but calm. He's in his room at the Time hotel in Manhattan prepping for his debut on BET's 106 & Park, where he and Beanie Sigel are scheduled to perform their breakout hit, "Roc the Mic." The Timberlands he requested are nowhere to be found, and Freeway, 23, is visibly upset... Born in West Philly, Freeway got his name because he moved keys through traffic. "There's a lot of people where I'm from who are Muslim and are caught up in the streets," he says. "In their hearts, they want to get themselves together, and that's the same situation that I fell into." Freeway's urgent rhyme style -- complete with occasional nods to the most high -- can be heard throughout the State Property album. Beanie Sigel's brainchild, State Property is a Philly crew that also includes rappers Oschino, Sparks, Young Chris, and Neef. "He ain't doing what everybody else is doing," says Roc-A-Fella CEO Jay-Z, who's backstage at the 106 & Park taping. Freeway's mentor, Beanie Sigel, has believed in him since they met at Philly's Dances Entertainment Center in 1997. "When I was about to sign with Roc-A-Fella," says Sigel, "I let Free know that, once I got my foot in the door, I'd come back and scoop him up. I didn't know if he believed me, but I got on, and everything was rollin'." It still is. Just as Freeway is about to go on stage, the Timbs arrive, and Jay-Z offers him some words of wisdom: "Lace your boots up -- get ready for war." That war may not always be righteous, but it will certainly be raw. - Vibe (6/02).

June 05, 2019

Tony Touch "Droppin' The Shit!" (Mixtape, 1999)

While I am not sure of the exact date of its release, the advertisement above was printed in the June 5, 1999 issue of Billboard Magazine. Tommy Boy Records released this promotional mixtape/compilation - by Tony Touch - in support of artists on their roster, including Defari, De La Soul, Diggin' In The Crates, Jigmastas, Natural Elements, Prince Paul, Royce Da 5'9, Diamonds In Da Ruff, Screwball, Tony Touch, and more. The tracks and freestyles included make for a nice mix, originally released on cassette, with a 2CD labeled the "North" disc and "South" disc and slightly different tracklists. After all of the rumblings of how Tommy Boy did De La Soul, it's "Tommy ain't my motherf#ckin' boy" over here, but I think it's some promo worth revisiting for the freestyle from Royce and Pos, as well as tracks from NE and others. "From North To South We Got Shit Locked!," it says... listen below. The original link went dead, so I've uploaded and updated the audio below...

June 04, 2019

Doo Wop "Spring One" (Mixtape, 1993)

Doo Wop's Spring One was released in 1993 via Tape Kingz. The mix tape kicks off with a freestyle from Doo Wop and The Bounce Squad, as well as Sadat X and Lord Tariq. It then goes into classic cuts from Jeru The Damaja, King Just, Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Tha Dogg Pound, Ice Cube, Heavy D & The Boyz, SWV, Akinyele, Lady of Rage, Fat Joe, The Notorious B.I.G., Black Moon, De La Soul, LONS, Shyheim, Freddie Foxxx, Queen Latifah, Trends of Culture (remix!), and more! Props to DJ Step One.

June 03, 2019

Wu-Tang Clan "Wu-Tang Forever" (6/3/97)

The revolutionary course of hard-core rap took a sharp turn to the real in 1993. That year, the platinum debut album Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), struck a strategic, genre expanding blow for the hip-hop nation. Eternally elevating the urban art-form, it justly propelled the Wu-Tang Clan to the apex of rap music. Now bonafide superstars, Staten Island’s Wu-warriors: Prince (The RZA) Rakeem, Raekwon, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Method Man, GhostFace Killah, Genius (GZA), U-God, Master Killa and Inspectah Deck, fearlessly return to rap’s forefront with Wu-Tang Forever, their aptly titled and much anticipated second Loud Records (enhanced double) CD. Produced by the RZA, the impressive album features the lethal lead single "Second Coming - Triumph," a sonic reflection of Wu’s cumulative vision, talent, skill and focus. Avowed students of the mental (or Shaolin) aspect of the martial arts and Islam, and rabid fans of kung-fu films, Wu once again attaches an Afro-Asiatic discipline to the art of rhyming. Drop kicking powerful, "Protect Ya Neck" (their first hit) type furor into the new mix, they push the lyrical envelope, plundering metaphorical gold mines in the process. "This is the bomb Wu-Tang record we wanted to make for years," advises Raekwon. "It not only gives the peeps more of what they already liked about us, it also takes us as a group, to the next level." Emphasizing the point, in addition to "…Triumph," other on target, off-the-hook cuts adding to Wu-Tang’s treacherous track record include: "Hellz Wind Staff," "Reunited," "Older Gods" and "MGM." Like a giant sponge, each track absorbs your brain cells into the group’s complex, multi-layered world of edgy Wu-Tang ghetto-speak. Once inside, shocking scenarios, inspired revelations, tragic truths and even wall-to-wall Wu-Tang insanity take over. It’s all delivered in Wu’s infamous, totally unpredictable, wild verbal combat style. "We’re comin’ off with the crazy n!@@a shit that can’t nobody touch," says Ol’ Dirty Bastard, whose confusing, effectively surreal 1996 "Fantasy" duet with mega-pop star Mariah Carey, is an example of how far Wu-Tang’s tentacles reach into music’s mainstream. Yet, they still maintain respect and support from real hard-core hip-hop heads, and do so without selling-out. If anything, the mainstream brought in. - Press Kit, 1997. Hit the tags for more & listen below...

June 02, 2019

Selecta Bam Bam "Old Skool Buttas" (Mixtape, 1994)

Selecta Bam Bam is known for his dancehall mix tapes, specifically combining hip-hop and dancehall records. His Old Skool Buttas mix tape is from 1994 and features a Reggae/Hip-Hop side with tracks from Buju Banton, Shabba Ranks, Tenor Saw, Red Foxx, Super Cat, Mad Lion, Louie Rankin, Kenny Dope, Patra, Nardo Ranks, Cutty Ranks and more. On the Dancehall side, Selecta Bam Bam hits us off with tracks from Johnny Osbourne, Wayne Wonder, Dawn Penn, Shabba Ranks, El General, Singing Sweet, Buju Banton, Cutty Ranks, Sasha, and a bunch more! Hear the Old Skool Buttas tape below...

June 01, 2019

DJ Fade "The Best Of DJ Premier" (Mixtape)

This is The Best of DJ Premier mixtape from DJ Fade. He's done a few Gang Starr-related mixes (CDs and DVDs) over the years, but this one runs through DJ Premier's classic production catalog. You'll hear tracks with The Notorious B.I.G., Jeru The Damaja, Nas, Group Home, Jay-Z, M.O.P., KRS-One, Shyheim, Showbiz & AG, Jermaine Dupri, and of course, Gang Starr. DJ Premier is the greatest of ALL-TIME! While it'd take a few mixtapes just to cover the classics, this is still a nice tribute. Dig up his other Gang Starr content for a lot more to fill in the gaps. Enjoy his Premo mixtape below...