April 07, 2017

Dusty Fox & Gaspar "Fantastic Mr. Fox" (Album Stream)

'Fantastic Mr. Fox' is the 2016 full-length collaboration between Portland artists Dusty Fox and Gaspar. The fable of 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' is told by lyricist Dusty Fox and Gaspar's contributions are felt on the production and the splicing of vocal samples throughout. I stumbled on the album while doing some searching on Bandcamp and was pleasantly surprised. I've never watched the 2009 animated film with the same name, but I was intrigued to see how their fable would play out & no doubt, it was cleverly executed. It's the only work I've heard from either artist thus far, so I don't have much background info, except that Dusty Fox is in a jazz/hip-hop band called Two Planets and is 1/2 of the duo Research & Development with rapper Rufus Smalltownz. Gaspar has a couple singles and a small EP of sorts that you can also check out. 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' is currently available with the 'name your price' option on Bandcamp; I genuinely recommend giving it a listen and supporting their independent art if you dig the music. Listen to the stream below.