May 31, 2017

KRS-One aka Big Joe Krash "Break The Chain" (1994)

Big Joe Krash KRS-One Break The Chain Vibe Magazine August 1994 Hip-Hop Nostalgia

Released in 1994 by Marvel Music, the 'Break The Chain' comic is a collaborative effort by artist Kyle Baker, hip-hop legend KRS-One, and Marshall Chess that uses literature and music to break the chains of ignorance among the youth. This comic came polybagged with an audio cassette tape featuring songs performed by KRS-One that can be listened to as the comic is read. Kyle Baker said, "Break The Chain was very experimental, a comic book packaged with a read-along hip-hop audiocassette. I don't think anything like it was done before or since ... The creators of the project, Marshall Chess, Kris Parker, and I went with Marvel because nobody else wanted to publish us. The only way we got Marvel to go for it was we did it without being paid, and the production costs were out of our pockets. They were made, but only 25% of the print run was actually distributed. The rest of the books sat in a warehouse while Marvel tried to find a distributor with record store connections. It never happened. I don't know what happened to the books and tapes, they were probably destroyed. But a few people got to see it, which is better than nothing.” Above is an original article with KRS & Kyle Baker in Vibe (August, 1994), and below is the animated music video for the title track with KRS as Big Joe Krash. You can find copies on eBay from time to time. Dig!

Big Joe Krash KRS-One Break The Chain Comic Book Hip-Hop Nostalgia