May 07, 2017

Kool Keith / Dan The Automator "Dr. Octagon" (May 7, 1996)

Dr. Octagon Kool Keith Dan The Automator Press Release
Dr Octagon 1997 sticker
Dr. Octagon Kool Keith Dan The Automator Cassette

Please read the above press release for Kool Keith's 'Dr. Octagon' ... I'll wait... Kinda wacky, right? That kinda explains my relationship with Kool Keith's music and his Dr. Octagon persona, an extraterrestrial time traveling gynecologist and surgeon from the planet Jupiter. That's also why this album is widely considered an underground cult-classic ... a secret handshake of sorts, those who follow the storyline and are hip to the plot-twists recognize its greatness and consider it one of the most creative, forward-thinking projects of the 90s. Originally sent out as an advance on Bulk Recordings in '95, it was released in limited (30k) pressing on this day in 1996 and even without much retail or radio promotion, it received critical acclaim. With demand from fans, the album was reissued in '97 on Dreamwork Records. Dan The Automator's production on the album was left of everything else that was out at the time and "provides a breath of fresh air with his style that's just two steps beyond the grasp of most of the hip-hop currently hitting the charts." The album has standout guests in DJ Q-Bert on the scratches, Kutmasta Kurt assisting on production, as well as DJ Shadow, and vocals from Sir Menelik. A press release from Dan The Automator went out announcing there's now a deluxe box set available; it included the following message: "Dr. Octagonecologyst is a classic record for what it is, but it’s not a classic hip-hop record. I’m not actually sure if it’s considered a hip-hop record at all. We had to do a lot just to get that record out there. That in itself was a bit of a monumental achievement. I mean, we made a record that, ostensibly, there was no market for. A lot of weird people came out of the woodwork and loved it."

Dr. Octagon Kool Keith Dan The Automator Blue Followers VHS

The Dr. Octagon 'Blue Followers' music vcideo...