May 13, 2017

Happy Born Day to O.C. of D.I.T.C. + Time's Up

O.C. D.I.T.C. Publicity Photo Wild Pitch Word...Life

Another Happy Born Day shout-out, this one goes out to Bushwick, Brooklyn's own O.C.; the Starchild, from the Diggin' In The Crates crew. With raw energy and sophisticated rhymes, O.C. has been a dominant presence in Hip-Hop for over 25 years! On his classic single, 'Time's Up,' O.C. told us "My album will manifest many things that I saw, did, or heard about / All told first hand / Never word of mouth" and he delivered a classic with 'Word...Life;' in a year with some of the fiercest competition in Hip-Hop history. What's better, you could argue that his sophomore album, 'Jewelz,' was an even better album than his debut. Further along in his catalog is the slept-on gem, 'Starchild,' which (I think) was released in Japan, and of course, the collaborative album with Apollo Brown, 'Trophies,' which seemed like an unlikely pairing ... until you clicked play. Add to it 'Fudge Pudge,' 'Back To The Grill,' 'Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers,' the work with D.I.T.C. and you'll see his footprints are all over some of the best music to come from Hip-Hop's storied history. With an album coming with Apathy as the group Perestroika + more, his legacy has more chapters to come. Now ... Do not adjust your screen ... It's about to be on! ... "Their time's limited, hard rocks too!"