May 06, 2017

Propo'88 "Astronomic Delight" + Video

Propo'88 'Astronomic Delight'

'Astronomic Delight' is the first production album by Propo’88 out of Greece, known from Hip-Hop collective Da Shogunz. The album theme is loosely based on the jazz rock/fusion style of the 70’s in its artwork and sounds; it also gives a nostalgic 90’s Hip-Hop feel throughout. Astronomic Delight boasts features from underground lyricists like Wildelux, Hex One, Blabbermouf, Glad2Mecha, Self The Bluest Eye, and is entirely produced by Propo’88. The lead video single from the album was 'The Anticipated,' featuring Bronx lyricist, Wildelux, who now lives out in Japan. That track caught my attention and now the full album is available digitally, you can stream/purchase it HERE, as well as on vinyl through pre-order at Germany's Vinyl-Digital. Sample the album's single below.