May 30, 2017

Binary Star "Water World 3" (Album Stream)

A Binary Star system is defined as two or more stars that revolve around each other. The Hip Hop version of Binary Star is finally back with Water World 3, (WE are Binary Star) still repping Pontiac, Michigan (Water World) like they have since day one. Decompoze and OneManArmy (Trackezoids) provide the entire soundtrack for the album, picking up where they left off on Water World 1 and 2. The Jazz, funk and rock Samples combined with break loops chopped on the MPC 2000xl are enough to quench the thirst of any Hip-Hop head lost in today's plethora of trap beats and mumble rappers, while the rhymes address current issues in the world we live in today. Topics range from Politics, Social Justice, Relationships and of course, wack rappers. Unlike Masters of the Universe, there is no Senim, Athletic Mic League or Elzhi appearances but WW3 compensates with some of Michigan's finest spitters. One Be Lo and Decompoze are joined with Subterraneous crew members Maliki, RoSpit, Kodac and T Calmese, while MC Juice from Chicago makes an appearance on BeDILLJuice. Mahogany Jones is the only female MC on Global Warming, while her and Stephanie Solis lace hooks on DemoCrazy and Never Say good Binary. Egyptian friend Amr Eeka who died in a car accident last year urges his fellow countrymen not to abandon the revolutionary spirit, while MC Tres helps to explain the true definition of what it means to be a Binary Star. We hear new Pontiac voices on Fresh, featuring Authentic, Mic Phelps, Logic and Ra'dames on Supreme Alphabet. One Be Lo makes sure that you will hit the playback button to catch all the clever lines that coast from song to song without literally missing a beat. Water World 3 is a prelude to Decompoze's solo project “Maintain Composure” and One Be Lo's 2LP, “Light Years Apart,” both set to drop in July.