May 02, 2017

Masta Ace Incorporated "Sittin on Chrome" (5/2/95)

Masta Ace Incorporated 'Sittin on Chrome' (5/2/95)

"With each of his releases, Brooklyn-born Masta Ace has kept listeners grabbing at air when they try to get a grasp of his style; his musical formula can seem simple and calculated, but he still remains an elusive target. What's even more impressive is that Ace has not distanced himself from his fans. His 1990 debut, 'Take a Look Around,' was a lively, Marley Marl-produced hook-fest, while 1993's 'Slaughtahouse' (which marked the incorporation of actual group members) was one of the most artistically advanced hardcore records of that year. Ace's lyrics can go from deadpan posturing to painting live images of ghetto life, and he's known for avoiding obvious hip-hop trends. His third release, 'Sittin' on Chrome,' is just as imaginative as 'Slaughtahouse,' but you get the feeling Ace has set a few booby-traps along the way. First-time listeners may not notice the way the songs are strung together, creating an oblique storyline of Ace and his cousin who joins him and his I.N.C. posse on some beat-heavy journeys. Cuts like 'The I.N.C. Ride' and the title cut seem to dangle before you in simplistic splendor, defying you to label Ace a West Coast wannabe (he calls his sound "Brooklyn Bass"). But then the watery samples on 'Eastbound' or 'Da Answer' will send you in another direction. Never resorting to tired imagery of gratuitous bloodshed, Ace stays cool and collected throughout, letting the listeners and critics make the mistake of formulating a label for his art." - CMJ, 1995. Get On Down released a fresh 100-piece puzzle of the album's artwork in 2012, and there's also a Deluxe 3CD version you can purchase at UGHH while it still remains in their stock.