May 08, 2017

Boogiemonsters "The Beginning To The End" (The Source, 5/97)

"Once the Fertile Crescent that harvested the overwhelming majority of hip-hop's lyrically enlightened, The Bronx nowadays rarely gets the props that this birthplace deserves. Well, those of you who claim BX roots with pride will rejoice at the resurfacing of this tag team. While they may not permeate their lyrics with constant references to their borough of origin, they leave no doubt as to what the Boogie in their name means. Don't let the title of the Boogiemonsters' first single from their upcoming album, God Sound, scare you into assuming the song's too preachy to enjoy. True, with a hook that speaks of "...these last days and times," and lines like, "Throw the devil in the bottomless pit / Judgment begins / Angel from the Euphrates kills a third of his men," one is apt to think the song is all heavy philosophy and no fun. Spiritual and/or sociopolitical message or not, these kids do things with the English language that Ph.D. candidates write dissertations about."

"But no matter how you slice it, it's still Hip-Hop, as proven by the production skills of track-wrecker Domingo. His booming, drawn out bassline is paired with a haunting vocal sample that's reminiscent of the creepy Gothic chants from old Exorcist flicks, creating the perfect formula for getting the Monsters' message across to an otherwise unenlightened audience who may not want to hear it." - The Source, May 1997 ... you can view/save a copy of the 12" review below ...