May 01, 2017

Pete Rock "PeteStrumentals" (CMJ, 2001)

Pete Rock 'PeteStrumentals' CMJ New Music Monthly Album Review
Pete Rock 'PeteStrumentals' (5/1/01)

File Under: The relentless head nod! Yessir, Pete Rock released 'PeteStrumentals' through BBE on this day in 2001. It was the second in the Beat Generation series at BBE; the first being Dilla's 'Welcome To Detroit' LP. There are a few editions of the albums, all including instrumentals crafted in the early to mid-90s, then remixed and updated for the release, but the differences being the number of tracks that also had vocals. From Nature, CL Smooth, Freddie Foxx and The UN (Roc Marciano), each track was a nice complement to an already dope project and were recorded exclusively for it between 2000-2001. The 10-year anniversary edition was released on May 10, 2011; it featured the original 2001 album on Disc 1, and Disc 2 had all the 12″ inch singles from the album. The sequel, 'PeteStrumentals 2,' was released on June 23, 2015; via Mello Music Group. As a bonus, a sample from Chris Read's portion of the BBE 10th Anniversary Beat Generation mixtape, featuring joints from Pete Rock, J Dilla, Jazzy Jeff, Madlib, and more, is available to stream below...