May 13, 2017

De La Soul Is Dead (May 13, 1991)

De La Soul Is Dead (May 14, 1991)
De La Soul Is Dead (May 14, 1991) The Source May 1991 Album Review

On this day in 1991, De La Soul released their sophomore album, 'De La Soul Is Dead,' through Tommy Boy Records. "For up-and-comers and veterans alike, the album’s 1991 arrival marked a truly otherworldly sonic expedition that somehow surpassed even their groundbreaking debut." The album review above is from May '91 in The Source, it says "The peace signs are gone, and the D.A.I.S.Y. is outta here, but the musical and lyrical talent combined with unlimited creativity and an ingenious sense of humor is still in like Flynn ... Still progressing and proud of it, De La has successfully escaped being trapped in the sophomore jinx with grooves that are harder than a brick wall." ATCO adds 'Yo, it's like that Prego commercial: the rhymes that Pos, Dove, and Mase spout to make you shake your head, smile, and go "Oh Shit!" to? It's in there. The hilarious skits that you thought no one would ever do? It's in there. Dope concepts, unique music and overall slammin' production? It's in there." The De La Soul is Dead art above is owned/credited to Andre LeRoy Davis. Props to the amazing Prince Paul & A&R Dante Ross. Mass Appeal's 'De La Soul Is Dead' Documentary is below.