May 05, 2017

Gang Starr "Daily Operation" (HHC, May 1992)

Gang Starr Daily Operation Cassette DJ Premier Guru
Gang Starr Daily Operation Review in Hip Hop Connection

25 Years! Gang Starr released their third album, 'Daily Operation,' on this day in 1992. “Keith E. a/k/a the Guru, Gang Starr lyricist and rapper, recalls that his grandfather used to tell him, “If you don’t know which fruit to squeeze, you can’t get any juice.” As their brand new album for Chrysalis, “Daily Operation,” aptly illustrates, Gang Starr knows which fruit to squeeze — although the two-man crew from Brooklyn (Keith’s partner is DJ Premier) have scarcely had a chance to take a sip since the release of their second album (and their first on Chrysalis), ‘Step In The Arena,’ in January of last year.” The press release goes on to give back story to their rise from ‘Jazz Thing’ in 1990 to ‘Daily Operation.’ I wouldn’t be overstating to say that each Gang Starr album raised me a bit more in Hip-Hop. From 8th grade through HS, Gang Starr released albums that I would sit with so long they were essentially soundtracks to that year(s). 'Daily Operation' shared '92 with Mecca & The Soul Brother, Whut Thee Album, Business Never Personal, Runaway Slave, Stunts, Blunts & Hip-Hop, Juice & … well, I could go on and on, but these albums were my most-prized possessions. I knew the liner notes front to back, lol. Later that year, I'd get further into vinyl, DJing and following the culture to the point that it consumed me (in a good way). I wish I could have bottled that excitement, I sit here and think back to those days and the memories are so vivid of opening the cassette, clicking play and reading the notes on all the DJs they thanked; Eddie Sancho who'd make the albums sound so dope, and artists I listened to like Izzy Ice & Majesty aka Da King & I; who'd release one of my favorite tapes the following year. In a catalog filled with so much amazing music (group, solo & feature-wise), it may feel like just another celebratory Gang Starr post, but until 'Hard To Earn' and then 'Moment of Truth,' this album was everything. R.I.P. Guru / Salute, Premo!

Gang Starr Daily Operation Press Kit 1992 DJ Premier Guru

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