May 04, 2017

Masta Ace Inc. "Slaughtahouse" (The Source, 1993)

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Masta Ace Incorporated Slaughtahouse The Source Magazine Interview June 1993

After making a name for himself as a member of the legendary Juice Crew, and releasing his debut in ’91, ‘Take a Look Around,’ Masta Ace returned in ’93 with his breakthrough album, ‘Slaughtahouse,’ along with his I.N.C. crew. Man, I can still remember the clear yellow cassette for the album (which I still keep in rotation). Considered a loose concept album, 'Slaughtahouse' took aim at the "so-called hardcore rappers coming out these days ... Masta Ace Incorporated are taking them straight to the ‘Slaughtahouse.'" The press release for the 12" added: ‘Following up their underground hit, ‘Jeep Ass Nigguh,’ ‘Slaughtahouse’ is bound to create controversy as phony rappers from coast to coast re-check their style and attitude." Released on LA’s Delicious Vinyl, like their follow-up ‘Sittin On Chrome,’ the album would lend itself to some funkier West Coast production. Often uncredited is the 'Jeep Ass Nigguh' remix, 'Born To Roll,' which was later released on 'Sittin On Chrome,' but was a summer anthem I always attributed to 'Slaughtahouse.' I can still hear that heavy bass rolling in cars around the park streets in Queens. The B-Side single 'Saturday Nite Live' was dope too. In the interview above, Masta Ace says "The reason why my album is different than other albums that are out is because nobody dies on my album. I mean it's not your typical 'shoot-em-up bang, bang' record. Although my album is hardcore, I break the stereotype where someone has to die."