May 04, 2017

Funkdoobiest 'Which Doobie U B?' (May 4, 1993)

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Funkdoobiest 'Which Doobie U B?' Wapbabalubop Advertisement

'Doobie, with bonified funk for your fanny...' The LA-based crew, Funkdoobiest, consisted of Son Doobie, DJ Ralph M and Tomahawk Funk, and they released their debut album, 'Which Doobie U B?,' on this day in 1993 through Epic/Immortal Records. The project was executive produced by DJ Muggs, who clearly played a major role in the overall sound of the project along with DJ Lethal, T-Ray, and DJ Ralph M. If not for the Soul Assasins connection and my DJ partner at the time being more open to West Coast influences, I might have missed this release back in '93. To be honest, I was initially more intrigued by the wild artwork by Glenn Barr, the clear vinyl, and the project's heavy production. The big singles on the LP were 'Bow Wow Wow,' 'Wopbabalubop,' 'The Funkiest,' and the B-Side, 'Funk Mode.' Released in the days of cassettes, it was hard not to notice that 3 of those 4 tracks were released in succession to open up the album, with 'Wopbabalubop' on Side B; I can remember fast-forwarding to it, lol. All in all, however, it's a very solid debut release and it does take me back to the basement making those early mixtapes. ''My thoughts are collected for the funk, expect it." As I said, I've always loved the OG art by Glenn Barr, check it out...

Funkdoobiest Which Doobie U B? Art by Glenn Barr

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