May 23, 2017

Eminem 'The Marshall Mathers LP' (May 23, 2000)

Eminem 'The Marshall Mathers LP' Advertisement 2000
Eminem 'The Marshall Mathers LP' Album Review Vibe Magazine 2000

Eminem's third studio album, 'The Marshall Mathers LP' dropped on this day in 2000. Arguably Em's best album, he dug deep(er) on content to reflect the controversy surrounding the graphic lyrics on the Slim Shady LP, his meteoric rise to fame, as well as his early childhood and family. He complemented all of it with storytelling lyrics that may go down as some of the best ever. The album sold nearly 2 million copies in its first week! The LP was produced by Dr. Dre, Bass Brothers, The 45 King and co-production from Em himself. "It's tracks like 'Stan' and the sum of the Marshall Mathers LP that should forever erase the notion that Eminem is the Elvis Presley of hardcore hip hop. If anything, he's rap's Eric Clapton: a white boy who can hang with the best black talent based on sheer skill - enhancing the art form instead of stealing from it." (Vibe Magazine) I do still think Em is one of the most talented lyricists in Hip-Hop (period), but the industry has shifted and the replay value based on his ability to RAP has faded - his content and concepts need to take center stage and I'm interested to see how he matures in Hip-Hop. I hope the "Rap God" challenges himself more if he returns with another LP, which I get the feeling is coming soon. Are you still listening?