May 02, 2017

Brother Ali "Shadows of the Sun" (5/2/03)

Brother Ali Shadows of the Sun Vinyl Rhymesayers Entertainment
Brother Ali Shadows of the Sun CMJ Album Review 2003

Celebrating the album's 14th anniversary, Brother Ali delivered his highly anticipated first Rhymesayers full-length album 'Shadows On The Sun' on this day in 2003. 'An emcee, producer and community activist, Brother Ali is a student of Hip Hop's Golden Age. The now classic 'Shadows on the Sun' was crafted with this foundation and Ali's ability to write creative songs with passion and personality. The album is produced entirely by ANT and features a guest appearance by Slug of Atmosphere.' CDs are still available HERE, but you may have to dig to find an OG copy or the 10th-Anniversary picture vinyl. Like many, my favorite track is probably 'Forest Whitiker,' although following closely are 'Picket Fence,' 'Star Quality' and 'Pay Them Back,' just to name a few! With Brother Ali's brand new album, 'All the Beauty in This Whole Life,' on its way May 5th, I want to remind you of the power Brother Ali's voice and message in today's Hip-Hop landscape; please consider supporting it, and once again, his live show performance will change your life, so see it when it comes to your city! Much respect to Ali, Siddiq & the whole RSE. Hit the labels for more.