May 18, 2017

Take It Personal Podcast "DJ Premier Tribute Episode"

Much respect to Philaflava, DJ 360 and Kevlar at the Take It Personal Podcast, they put together a 2-part, 6-hour tribute to the Greatest Of All-Time, DJ Premier. "Episode 10, The DJ Premier Tribute, is our magnum opus. It’s only right: the greatest producer of all-time receives the greatest tribute of all-time. It was no easy feat selecting and sequencing tracks for this massive 390+ minute show. We hope after listening to the incredible Work of Mart homage, you'll agree, DJ Premier is the GOAT. We've broken Episode 10 into 2 parts because when you cover Premo's illustrious career, it's impossible to include every masterpiece in just one show. But don't worry - within both episodes, we've made sure to include all the ill-collabos, obscure remixes and of course, your favorite classics too!" Subscribe to the podcast to stay caught up and make sure to revisit their past episodes.