May 14, 2017

Afiliashun 'The Perfect Time' EP (Chopped Herring Snippets)

Afiliashun 'The Perfect Time' EP Vinyl Baltimore Chopped Herring Records

Peace to Bob Lipitch at Chopping Herring Records, he's back with another one! Reppin' Baltimore, Maryland, the group Afiliashun recorded this gem of an EP in 1996-1997. I've covered the original pressing in years past; it was originally released on Revalashun Records in 1997. There may even be some dead zShare links with my name on it lurking around the interwebs, lol. Allegedly. It's a solid B-more record, which offers 4 tracks: 'Tell Me If You Open,' 'Who's This' and 'Bullet Proof,' which are produced by Regi Ruckus, and the final track 'King of the Hill' is produced by Verble. According to the Chopped Herring website, there will be 350 copies pressed: the first 120 copies will be on White Pearl colored vinyl and the remaining 230 are on traditional black vinyl. Trust, most Chopped Herring releases sell out quickly because there is strong support in the vinyl community and they do quality work, so order yours now. The label is also hosting a short sale that ends on Monday, so dig into their back catalog - I highly recommend: Shadez of Brooklyn, CeStyle, Natural Elements, The AbSouljah, North Bronx Alliance, Daddy-O, & Beneficience (depending on what's still in stock).