March 21, 2017

Channel Live "Station Identification" / "Mad Izm" (HHC, 1995)

Channel Live Station Identification Mad Izm Krs-One Hip-Hop Nostalgia

I've never sparked 'Maz Izm,' but I'll be damned if I didn't dig Channel Live's smash single and their debut album, 'Station Identification.' With heavy support and production from KRS-One (as well as Salaam Remi), Hakim and Tuffy put together a solid effort on the album and even on KRS-One's self-titled LP with their track 'Free Mumia.' Thinking back, Channel Live was also on a remix for Brandy's joint 'Best Friend' in '94; an unlikely pairing that shows they were ON at the time if you remember the remix era. Today marks the 22nd anniversary of 'Station Identification,' released on Capitol Records and still available via iTunes. The group had two additional albums 'Armaghetto' (2000) and 'Secret Science Rap' (2006), which didn't chart nearly as well, but Hakim is still out here doing his thing. I haven't seen the 'Mad Izm' video in years, check it below and the Buckwild remix over HERE