March 27, 2017

2Pac "Until The End of Time" Postcard & Vibe Feature

2Pac Until The End of Time Postcard Hip-Hop Nostalgia

I've long been against the countless posthumous (and mostly unofficial) releases with 2Pac's music. Most of the remixes are terrible, as are many of the featured artists that are mashed together with old vocals - fans know it sounds real disrespectful, and something Pac wouldn't have co-signed. There were a few, however, in the early stages that had some joints. 'Until The End of Time' was the 3rd posthumous album, released 16 years ago (2001) on Afeni Shakur's Amaru Entertainment (and, of course, Death Row and Interscope). The album was a double disc and is 4x platinum. Pictured above and below is the original postcard that was mailed out as promotion for the album (address removed), and I've also included a feature from Vibe in January of 2002 that touches on the album, posthumous releases, conspiracy theories surrounding his death, and other topics surrounding 2Pac's legacy. Rest in Peace, Tupac and Afeni Shakur. "No dead or living rap star has been so loved, feared, or misunderstood... Tupac is a cult figure, a friend to all renegades -- black, poor, white, whatever -- who struggle to make it in a world where everything is stacked against them."

2Pac Vibe Magazine January 2002 Hip-Hop Nostalgia
2Pac Vibe Magazine January 2002 Hip-Hop Nostalgia
2Pac Until The End of Time Postcard Hip Hop Nostalgia