March 13, 2017

5 Bros Wit Ugly Clothes 'Come Out To Play Again' EP

5 Bros wit Ugly Clothes Publicity Photo

Dope Folks Records recently released 5 Bros Wit Ugly Clothes' EP 'Come Out To Play Again,' which features 9 ill tracks - 6 from their original EP in 1994, 'Come Out Ta Play' on Eloh Bro Records and 3 unreleased tracks from those '93-94 sessions. They also released an EP in 1998 called 'Believe In The Five' independently on 5 Bros, which I'm assuming may be reissued via Dope Folks Records if it hasn't been already - that's just the way demand works, lol. The 5-man crew is Tamir, Soul DEF, Qawee, Hakim & Dawoud. My favorite track off the 'Come Out Ta Play Again' EP is the title track, although the familiar production also on 'Children (Seeds Remix)' is dope too. Sorry, I can't rip this vinyl and share it since it's not out of print, but you can check the single below & order HERE ( colored vinyl is sold out but black vinyl is available while supplies last). Props to Dope Folks Records.