March 09, 2017

Tony Touch "Hip Hop 44" (Mixtape, 1995)

What we have here is Tony Touch's classic mixtape from 1995, Hip Hop #44. I mentioned it HERE when discussing Down 'N' Dirty Tribe's 'Inna Cipher,' and figured I'd share the mix so you can understand my excitement over it, even 22 years later. I know every adlib, transition, and even the drops that are included on it. It was the tape I rode 2 buses with on my way to school, during breaks, then on the buses back home - every day for weeks my Junior year in HS. I wouldn't say it's better than his 'Power Cypha' tapes, but I still think it deserves special recognition. I'll do my best to post more mixes that I hold to this level, but for now, enjoy Tony Touch's Hip Hop #44 below. Also, check out Toca Tuesdays weekly on SiriusXM. Oh, and I redid the mix tape's cover for better clarity.