March 02, 2017

Jeru The Damaja "Come Clean" (Promo Soap + Condom)

Jeru The Damaja Come Clean Advert

‘Pure Black African Soap for all you original dirty rotten scoundrels. $4 a bar, 3 bars = $10 … Offer ends July 1, 1994.’ Jeru The Damaja and PayDay Records came original with their promo for 'Come Clean,' and the 'The Sun Rises In The East' LP in 1994. Produced by DJ Premier, the album is a certified classic and while I don't know the current state of their relationship, I'd hope it's better than when Jeru was sending shots in every direction. Jeru makes a great living on the road, especially doing shows outside the states and around the world. Last year, Slice of Spice released the 'Dirty Rotten Demos' with a cut-out vinyl designed around his logo; it acame with a condom and stickers, which if nothing else, holds true to d'original idea of including fresh promo with a release. Slice of Spice also released 'The Hammer' on camouflage vinyl, which was dope. Below is the soap from 1994 and condoms from 2016, props to the good folks at Slice of Spice for keepin' it live.

Jeru The Damaja Come Clean Soap Bar Promo
Jeru The Damaja Promo Condoms