March 30, 2017

Onyx "Bacdafucup" Classic Material (Album Review)

Bacdafucup’ was the debut album from the South Jamaica Queens group, Onyx (Fredro Starr, Sonny Seeza, Big DS (R.I.P.) and Sticky Fingaz); it was released on this day in 1993 via Jam Master Jay Records/Rush Associated Labels. The lead single was 'Throw Ya Gunz,' which hit the streets and mixshows hard in late '92 into early '93. I remember coppin' it on cassette single at The Wiz on Queens Boulevard, lol. The track was a hit in its own right, but when they followed it up with ‘Slam’ 6-7 months later, that’s when they were introduced to the mainstream audience. By then, fans knew to expect Sticky Fingaz as the anchor and for him to close out each track with his high energy, off the wall style. The bald-headed, black gear style was poppin' up everywhere; even pioneering groups like RUN DMC got down with it (and it confused the hell out of me). In 1994, at The Source Awards, Sticky Fingaz busted several shots into the ceiling during the intro to ‘Throw Ya Gunz.’ It was before IG, Twitter & Snapchat, but it was still a risky move. No gun was found when police later checked them backstage. Another day we'll discuss their second album 'All We Got Iz Us' and how that album & GZA's 'Liquid Swords' got us through the winter of '95. As a bonus, you can check the full 12" for 'See You In Hell,' below; it's Onyx rappin' over Rampage's dope 'Wild For The Night' beat.

Brian Coleman's Classic Material review in XXL...

Onyx Bacdafucup Classic Material Review Hip Hop Nostalgia