March 22, 2017

J.Period's "Respect the DJ: Premier" (Mini-Mix)

DJ Premier Gang Starr Guru Hip-Hop Nostalgia

J.Period came through with a nice mini-mix to honor DJ Premier on his birthday yesterday. In his words: 'DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE GREAT ARE GONE TO PAY RESPECT. New rule: honor thy style fathers. After losing so many of our musical heroes this past year, it's time to stop waiting until the greats are gone to pay respect. J.PERIOD's new series "RESPECT THE DJ" pays tribute to legendary hip hop DJ/producers who changed the game--and continue to. No better way to kick things off than with a mini-mix tribute to one of the greatest hip hop producers of all-time -- DJ Premier -- on his 51st birthday.' I'm all the way with that, salute to J.Period and the legend, DJ Premier.