March 21, 2017

Large Professor: Mass Appeal Salutes a Legend

large professor xtra p mass appeal hip hop nostalgia

Let me continue to pay homage today, as it is not only DJ Premier's birthday but also the legendary Queen's producer & eMCee, Large Professor! A career dating back to the 80s, Large Pro has crafted some of the finest beats & rhymes in hip-hop history: from Main Source to NaS to Organized Konfusion; Kool G Rap, Eric B & Rakim, A Tribe Called Quest and of course, his own classic solo releases. One of the illest on the remixes, too! Growing up in Queens myself, I feel confident to say that Large Pro IS Queens - it's in his vibe, in the way he communicates, his loyalty and above all else, remaining true to himself. Large Pro has done so much for the culture, but does it humbly and often remains behind the scenes. Mass Appeal hit the nail on the head with their words “If he hadn’t rhymed on it, he had produced it. If he wasn’t involved with the production, he was lacing other producers with samples.” Take a look at his timeline from '89-00, it's legendary, and be sure to stay current on his work all the way up to today. Matter of fact, sticking with Mass Appeal, check out his Rhythm Roulette below for a glimpse at his creative process. Happy Born Day, Extra P!