March 04, 2017

Ghostface's "Guarding The Base Like Graig Nettles" (1995)

Wu-Tang Clan Yankees Jerseys Guarding The Base Like Graig Nettles

I was born in 1978, the Yankees had won back-to-back World Series and my father was a big fan of Graig Nettles. Nettles aka ‘Puff’ was an all-star 3rd baseman, most known for leaving his feet in superman style to defend his position. He was the Yankees captain from '82-84 and was part of four pennant-winning teams. My pops thought he was so talented and so influential during the '77-78 seasons that when I was born, he named me ‘Graig’ after him. Unfortunately, in my generation, the name wasn't as popular, so it's been spelled wrong every day since, lol But, it's not all bad - Raekwon & Ghostface came through for me in '95, when Ghostface spit this: 'Now back to my project where I settle, sportin’ gold medals, and guarding the base like Graig Nettles!' I haven't had an opportunity to meet Ghostface yet (I've met Rae twice), but when I do, you can guess what bars I'm gonna talk to him about, lol. Were they ever released on a song? I don't think so, but if anyone knows otherwise, hit me about it in the comments. Enjoy this classic piece of video below...