March 15, 2017

MC Serch "Return Of The Product" (Press Kit, 1992)

This is a "return of the product" - MC Serch makes his solo debut on Def Jam / Chaos Records with his first single, "Here It Comes." MC Serch, formerly of 3rd Bass, scored two Gold-plus albums with The Cactus Album and Derelicts of Dialect and their top selling release The Cactus Revisited. Serch's lyrical skills and hard hittin' beats make one slammin' album featuring the hit single, "Here It Comes," "Back To The Grill" & "Can You Dig It." MC Search has always been committed to creating real hip hop that's not too hard to handle. That tradition continues with his slammin' solo debut, Return Of The Product ... So do what you gotta do - 'cause here it comes! cont'd...

Co-produced by Serch and Brett "Epic" Mazur of Peace Productions, "Here It Comes" features live instrumentation and rhymes ahead of the times. Says Serch, "It combines my lyrical skills with street beats." This winning combination allows "Here It Comes" to come off as well on radio as it does in a club or a jeep... The B-side, "Back To The Grill," wins again. No gloss or glitter, this record is deftly rapped with smooth loops and fat beat... On it, Serch favors different flavors and passes the mic to Ruffhouse's Nasty Nas. - Taken from OG press kit: May, 1992. (Updated)