March 31, 2017

Cocoa Brovaz "The Rude Awakening" (Album Review, 1998)

Cocoa Brovaz The Rude Awakening Duck Down Tek Steele Advertisement

When a cease and desist letter hits your mailbox from the gun company, Smith & Wesson, you stop calling yourself Smif-N-Wessun. So, Cocoa Brovaz it was, until they switched again to Tek and Steele. Today marks another anniversary of their second album, 'The Rude Awakening' on Duck Down/Priority. Tek and Steele (and Da Beatminerz) won us over with their debut 'Dah Shinin,' and continued with records like 'Bucktown USA,' 'Dry Snitch,' 'Black Trump,' 'Memorial' and 'Back 2 Life' on 'The Rude Awakening.' The album received favorable reviews and the one below gets to the heart of the project sharing, "Thoughtfully, Tek and Steele examine the positive sides of negative situations" when rhyming of "crooked contracts, deceased homies, and dead ends on this well-executed, 14-cut collection." Much respect to Da Beatminerz (Mr. Walt & Evil Dee) and the whole Duck Down family, who continue to support the culture and especially the sound of New York City. Read more below...

Cocoa Brovaz The Rude Awakening Vibe Magazine Album Review
Cocoa Brovaz The Rude Awakening Duck Down Tek Steele